Unofficial results for the ASB and Student Trustee election are in

Former ASB Student Senate Director of Finance Jorge Riley speaks in the student center at the candidate forum during last spring's ASB elections

Jorge Riley will be next year’s Student Senate president according to the unofficial Associated Student Body election results.

Riley, currently the Student Senate director of finance, won with 213 votes, beating out two other Student Senate members who ran for the position.

Current Student Senate Vice President Tami Dunning was the runner-up with 151 votes.

Leslie Milan Fisher was elected Student Senate vice president with 225 votes.

The position of Los Rios District Student Trustee was won by American River College student Omba Kipuke.

“I feel great, because now I can get to work,” Kipuke said.

Kipuke hopes to work along with ASB to help it get more things done and be more transparent to the student body.

“I think we are lacking the professionalism and discipline to get work done,” Kipuke said. “We bicker too much and it’s hindering getting work done.”

The director of finance position was won by Laurie Jones who ran unopposed. Jones is currently a senator on the Student Senate.

Jeremy Diefenbacher was reelected as Clubs and Events Board president. Diefenbacher ran unopposed.

The position of CAEB director of finance was won by David Hylton II, who also ran unopposed.

All students who ran for a senatorial position were elected and will form part of next year’s Student Senate board.

Employees in the Center for Leadership and Development told the Current that they estimate the official results will be published in five days.

[stextbox id=”info”]PRESIDENT

Tami Dunning                        Yes: 151

Ross Rayala                            Yes: 93

Jorge Riley                          Yes: 213


Leslie Milan Fisher        Yes: 225

Alexander Wrinkle               Yes: 153

Derek Thomas                        Yes: 54


Laurie Jones                       Yes: 358           No: 36


Omba Kipuke                      Yes: 328


Senator Buick                      Yes: 216          No: 136

Jose Garcia                            Yes: 336          No: 38

Jonathan Tobey                Yes: 210           No: 140

Cameron Weaver              Yes: 331           No: 38

Katheryn White                 Yes: 228           No: 137


Jeremy Difenbacher      Yes: 302           No: 87


David Hylton ll                   Yes: 338           No: 49  [/stextbox]

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2 Comments on "Unofficial results for the ASB and Student Trustee election are in"

  1. nia mitchell | April 12, 2014 at 9:07 am | Reply

    Dear American River Current newspaper:

    I want to say that Tami Dunning was up for the job of being Student Body President than Jorge Riley. Ms. Dunning has more understanding about the leading American River College to a bright future, she really does care about all the college’s students from black to same sex couples. But now we got Jorge Riley who don’t care about anyone, but his self. Mr. Riley voiced many times that he doesn’t like gay or lesbian people at all. I am really worried about the up coming year for American River College and all students because we have a big time problem name Jorge Riley. He will treat everyone especially the gay community like they are nothing but a virus who need to be destroy. I want to let everyone to know this if Mr. Riley want to put every student down and make this nice college into a wasteland of greed and fear. I will alone stand up to him and tell him no more. American River college should be a school that all people want to attend. I want to thank everyone for reading this letter.

    Nia Mitchell

    A proud lesbian student at American River College.

  2. It’s pretty sad that we’re getting ready to go through another round of “Riley vs. ARC” and everyone loses in the end. It seems that Mr. Riley has all the time in the world to spew hate, sue the school, and obtain yet ANOTHER AA degree (is he not working on his 7th?), yet if he would’ve just ran a clean campaign and kept his mouth shut, he would’ve had the opportunity to serve the constituency that he swayed to vote for him! Tami Dunning is NOT the next best selection and she is not representative of the culture here at ARC. She constantly says things that she has to back peddle for, she speaks without thinking, and she is demeaning when she speaks to people. She attempts to give off the appearance of being in control and knowledgeable yet she really isn’t and she knows she isn’t. We didn’t come to college because we needed a “mom” we needed an education and an opportunity to grow. It is my hope that each of the new ASB leaders gets with the program and learns that this is an exercise in humility and civc duty.

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