ASB general election candidates announced

By Melissa Hurtado and John Ferrannini

American River College students will be able to cast their votes for the Associated Student Body general election online April 8-9.

For the second time all voting will be completely online through eServices. Students will be able to vote during the times eServices is available, 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

In last year’s special election, 310 students voted, less than two percent of the school’s student body.

Vote Net, the new online form of voting, Clubs and Events Board and Student Senate $988.50 each this year.

There are three candidates for Student Senate President – current Vice President Tami Dunning, Director of Legislative Affairs Ross Rayala, and Director of Finance Jorge Riley.

Dunning said she is excited for the elections and is happy with the amount of people running.

“Anytime students have a choice, I’m hoping that is a motivator for getting out to vote, so I’m excited,” Dunning said.

Riley, who was also the acting ASB Student Senate President for a better part of the fall semester, wants to focus on getting Regional Transit passes for summer students.

“With the increase in standards with tuition and the increased cost of books, and with requirements for graduating increasing, it’s imperative for students to go to school during summer,” Riley said.

“When I am student body president we will not be having End-of-the-Year banquets.”

Rayala, currently the Vice President of CAEB and the Director of Legislative Affairs in Student Senate said that if elected president, he hopes to bridge the gap between ASB and the students on campus.

“I think it would be good that there was more of a connection between the student body and the the ASB,” Rayla said.

Rayala, majoring in business is also the president of the Farmers Market club on campus and  said “I like being creative, I like to think of ways of getting people interested in (ASB).”

Jeremy Diefenbacher is running unopposed for President of the Clubs and Events Board.

He strongly encourages students to vote during this election, saying that students like to complain but “if you want to talk shit you have to vote…your vote is your chance to give your opinion, formally.”

Alexander Wrinkle, an economics major and president of the College Republicans, will run as Vice President on a slate with Riley.

Wrinkle said that a reason he is running is because “(the current) administration tend to have a lot of bad allocation when it comes to money.”

The list of Senate nominees is filled with fresh faces including Political Science major Cameron Weaver who said, “The article about March in March in the Current issue was actually on of the biggest reasons why (he will run).”

Treasurer for the Students for Life club Katheryn White, a music major, will also be running for Senate.

“I’ve been watching these meetings this semester,” she said. “It’s really neat watching what they can do. I would like to try to make a difference.”