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Opinion: Let’s talk about consent – and what needs to be said

Shiavon Chatman November 10, 2016

“I can be completely naked walking down the street, but if I say no, I mean no,” said ARC student Daniella McCormick. Many people, both men and women, are unaware of what consent actually is. When...

ARC students, left to right, Kinu Manabe, Jason Parsley, Whitney Butler and Jeremy Clodfelter, speak about what it is like being multi racial at the college hour on Thursday. (Photo by Cheyenne Drury)

Mixed race students open up about their experiences

Shiavon Chatman November 7, 2016

A group of panelists, all of mixed races, opened up about their experiences of being interracial in Sacramento at ARC on Thursday. Every semester, the faculty members that orchestrate the weekly college...

Sri Lankan novelist Nayomi Munaweera reads a passage from her book “What Lies Between Us” during a College Hour at ARC on Nov. 1, 2016. Munaweera talked about the influence she recieved for writing her two novels. (Photo by Mack Ervin III)

Sri Lankan author speaks at ARC

Shiavon Chatman November 2, 2016

Tuesday’s college hour commenced with Sri Lankan novelist Nayomi Munaweera reading from her second book, “What Lies Between Us.” “As a person of color I feel like it’s my responsibility to...

Tressa Tabares shows her sample ballot for the upcoming Nov. 8 election in Raef Hall on Oct. 27, 2016. (photo by: Cierra Quintana)

ARC ‘Gears Up’ for Nov. 8

Shiavon Chatman October 31, 2016

As this election season comes to a close, ARC hosted a college hour titled "Gear Up for the Presidential Election,” educating students on the statewide propositions and what exactly is on the ballot...

Michael Brown Sr. answers a question from audience member after his speech at Sacramento State on Oct. 20. Brown Sr. talked about his sons death and how he deals with the aftermath. (Photo by Mack Ervin III)

Michael Brown Sr. speaks at Sac State

Shiavon Chatman October 21, 2016

“Close your eyes and imagine losing a child. Imagine they’ve been murdered. Now open your eyes. That's my reality.” Michael Brown Sr., the father of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old black...

American River College students support Life is Worth the Walk by making bracelets to support the wellness in the  Cafeteria on Oct. 20. (Photo by Cierra Quintana)

Life is Worth the Walk brings mental health awareness to ARC

Shiavon Chatman October 21, 2016

Life is Worth the Walk held an event at American River College on Thursday to support mental, physical and spiritual wellness. “We started to raise awareness for suicide prevention and bullying prevention,”...

Losing friends is an inevitable part of life, but when you suffer from anxiety or possess trust issues even forming friendships can be tough. (Photo illustration by Jordan Schauberger)

Opinion: Forming meaningful relationships can be difficult in college

Shiavon Chatman October 18, 2016

Losing friends is somewhat inevitable. People grow up and eventually grow apart. But forming relationships with people can be very difficult when you suffer from anxiety or you possess trust issues. Being...

Professor Caton introducing himself in Raef Hall on October 11th, 2016, presenting that Beyond Columbus is far way more than what we know.

ARC Professor shifts commemorating Columbus Day to celebrating Indigenous Peoples

Shiavon Chatman October 11, 2016

‘Beyond Columbus,’ was presented by Professor Ricardo Caton which focused on the myths surrounding Christopher Columbus and his agenda at a college hour on Tuesday. Lately, many of the college...

Seeking assistance for mental health problems can start with something as simple as picking up a brochure at ARCs health clinic. (Photo by Shiavon Chatman)

Opinion: ARC students discuss mental health stigmas in black community

Shiavon Chatman October 6, 2016

There are a few taboo topics usually avoided at all costs in conversation, including sex, politics, religion, and mental health.   Especially in the black community, mental health is something that...

Professor Barcellos gives instruction about the distance with miles and hours at the October 6 College Hour. (Photo by: Cierra Quintana)

Professor uses basic math to get students engaged

Shiavon Chatman October 6, 2016

Anthony Barcellos, who works as a professor in the American River College mathematics department, gave a presentation during this week’s college hour to get students interested in math. Amanda Corcoran,...

Student Tasiya Owens speaks to Umoja-Sakhu learning community member Nia Simien and counselor Reyna Moore during Club Day at ARC. Sept. 22. (Photo by Laodicea Broadway)

Greek week is capped off by Welcome Day

Shiavon Chatman September 26, 2016

American River College hosted this semester’s Welcome Day and Club Day on Sept. 22 in addition to the Health and Wellness Fair. Several clubs set up their tables with music and eye catching artwork...

Opinion: White spaces are everywhere - including ARC

Opinion: “White spaces” are everywhere – including ARC

Shiavon Chatman September 26, 2016

  Imagine being alone in a place where there was no one who looked like you or understood your experiences. Imagine having a conversation with someone who assumed the actions and behaviors...

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