“Super Smash Brothers” fans have a new favorite club at ARC


Ashton Nazeri, left, and Vlad Zebrov, right, play the original “Super Smash Brothers” game for the Nintendo 64 at a club meeting on Oct. 10.

Brandon Nelson and Brandon Nelson

“Super Smash Brothers” has been a cornerstone for Nintendo gaming consoles for over a decade. Because some students have grown up with the series, it’s no wonder there is now a “Smash” club at American River College.

Now in it’s second semester, the club was created by ARC students Vlad Zebrov, Ashton Nazeri and Jacob Bubela.

All three share a love for the series that goes back to the original game for the Nintendo 64.

“‘Smash Brothers’ brings people together, thats what makes it better (than other games),” said Nazeri, club treasurer.

“Super Smash Brothers” Club was created with the goal of being a fun club on campus and offering students who enjoy the same video game to have a place to get together.

“Its a good way for gamers to get together … I enjoy sitting down on the couch with your buddies and just having a good time,” said Bebela, club vice president.

Even though the club was made to spend time with like minded people, Zebrov, club president, plans to have tournaments within the club to bring an air of competition.

In order for students to be able to play “Smash” at school, Zebrov, Nazeri and Bebela bring their own TVs, gaming consoles, controllers and games to ARC.

Sadly, “Super Smash Brothers” Club will be short lived. The club will have to disband at the conclusion of next semester due to the three officers leaving ARC.

“We don’t have anybody to take over. It’s just me and a couple of my friends,” said Zebrov.

“Smash” has had five titles, most recently one for the Nintendo 3DS, and a soon to be released Wii U game.

While the 3DS game is not provided by the club to play at the meetings, the club does plan to have the Wii U game available when it is released on Nov. 21.

Club faculty adviser Larry Dumais agreed to be the adviser because it sounded like a fun idea.

“Its a nice environment, it reminds me of when my kids were younger,” said Dumais.

“Super Smash Brothers” Club meets every Friday from 1 to 3 p.m. in room 104 of the Arts and Science building, with a typical attendance of a dozen or so students.