ARC student and Film Producer works on two films

Alonzo Chism, an American River College student who has worked with hip-hop artists such as Mistah Fab and Krumbsnatcha of Gangstarr, is now working on two films.

Chism is working on “Fight 4 Your Life” and on his own urban horror full-length feature film “Hood Damnation.”

He began producing hip-hop tracks when he moved back to California from Germany. The first music video Chism produced was the song “Relax” by Krumbsnatcha, which he co-directed with the help of the Italian producer Gregory B, who goes by the name Goldhands.

“Producing hip-hop tracks helped me get out of my shell,” said Chism. “I met a lot of new people and friends from doing it.”

After a while, Chism chose to put a hold on music so he could finish his schooling.

Going back to school led Chism to study photography and filmmaking.

Chism has done work in photography and film for weddings, studio shoots, short films and feature films. He says the skills he has learned doing these activities helped him produce his first promo video “Introducing TreSolid.”

Chism continued aiming for even higher goals, joining One Studios and working with its founder Bryan Bachar on productions such as the Sacramento International Film Festival and the 5×5 Festival in Hollywood.

Taking part in those activities led him to work as the producer and line producer for the film “Fight 4 Your Life.”

“Working with (Chism) has been phenomenal,” said Bachar. “He’s definitely a team player and hard worker. I’m happy to have him as a part of the one studios team.”

Once production on “Fight 4 Your Life” is finished, Chism will begin production of his very own entitled “Hood Damnation.”

“Hood Damnation” is about a young man who chooses to follow in his father’s footsteps down a road of betrayal, death and love.

Gifted with a second chance at life, his decision will either lead him to salvation or damnation.

Chism will be graduating with his business degree in December and plans to continue working on the film.

“I’m not going to school to get a degree. I’m here to make my dream come true and to go above and beyond with what I want to attain,” said Chism. “If you put time into working towards whatever you want to get, you’ll receive it and see that your hard work has paid off.”

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