How content creators are using their platforms for the greater good

Creators on platforms such as Twitch and Youtube have found ways to incorporate bringing awareness to many issues around the world


Twitch is a worldwide live streaming platform used for different types of entertainment. People are using it to raise money for charities and organizations as the pandemic has brought on more tragedies and hardships these past 12 months. (Photo via Unsplash)

About six months ago, a young teen decided to start streaming and uploading “Minecraft” gaming videos. With his Gen Z humor and a following of only a few people, he thought that was as good as it could get. However, after about only a month of streaming, he was invited to join the biggest and fastest-growing “Minecraft” server on the platform. Now he is known as one of the biggest streamers and content creators in America. 

Some people believe that streaming platforms are only used for entertainment purposes, however, many content creators have used platforms such as Twitch and Youtube as a way to raise money for non-profit organizations or raising awareness for social and economical issues like gender equality or racial discrimination. It’s not good to develop a pessimistic viewpoint about a certain form of entertainment, specifically from a streaming platform, before knowing the positive aspects such platforms can provide for different communities. 

Twitch is a worldwide streaming platform run by Amazon where content creators come together to Livestream video games, music, talk shows, travel and other forms of entertainment all on one platform. YouTube is a multi-entertainment video upload and streaming service that provides a platform for anyone to create content on. 

Many successful streamers and content creators hit their peak of success on Twitch, such as British “Minecraft” streamer Thomas “Tommyinnit” Simmons, who reached over 500,000 viewers in one stream and American “Fortnite” streamer Richard Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who previously reached over 200,000 subscribers, both breaking Twitch all-time records.

Since the pandemic, many people have had more time to enjoy entertainment at home with less time filled by work or school causing a growth in Twitch views. According to, a site that provides statistics for all content creators across the Twitch platform, the rise in Twitch views hit its highest peak last June. 

On Feb. 20, American “Minecraft” streamer Ranboolive streamed on Twitch for over 12 hours. The streamer decided that as he was nearing 80,000 subscribers on the platform, he would stream until hitting the goal as the second most subscribed creator on the platform, but the viewers and his community were determined to make him the most subscribed creator. 

During this stream, the community and supporters of Ranboo were able to contribute over $100,000  in donations and subscribers. Every profit made from that stream was donated to The Trevor Project, a non-profit mental health service for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Like Ranboo, many other streamers or content creators use a public entertainment platform for a better cause. Last December, Irish Youtuber and streamer Sean “Jacksepticeye” McLaughlin helped raise over $1.4 million alone, and with the help of other content creators such as Ethan “Crankgameplays” Nestor and Jaiden “JaidenAnimations” Dittfach all together raising over $4 million globally for a special event called Thankmas, a movement that partnered with Red Nose Day, a campaign to end child hunger, to bring food to families and children suffering from hunger during the pandemic.

Twitch and YouTube are not just platforms for video games, comedic videos, entertainment and spending free time. The growth in viewers on both platforms has brought much more awareness and attention to important issues all across the world. Streamers and content creators with any amount of following are constantly using streaming platforms, specifically Twitch and YouTube, for the greater good.