What We’re Reading: How We Got Out of $50,000 Worth of Debt


Photo courtesy of Y!Finance

Tracy Johnson-Novak and Tracy Johnson-Novak

http://finance.yahoo.com/news/how-we-got-out-of–50-000-worth-of-debt-201705706.html via yahoo.com

Many of us have trouble paying off one thousand dollars of debt, let alone 50,000 dollars. In a search for even more ways to save money, I read this article to see how a couple, about the same age as myself, could cut a huge amount of debt down in one year. They cut themselves down to one car, completely cut back on eating meals out, and move back in with their parents to save money. Although they took some drastic steps to cut down their debt and lived a lifestyle that many newlyweds may consider a nightmare, they successfully reached their goal. Now, they get to focus on building a life together without their debt acting as the “other person” in their marriage.