Election rigged, Riley says

Former ASB Student Senate Director of Finance Jorge Riley speaks in the student center at the candidate forum during last spring's ASB elections

Jorge Riley, who was elected ASB Student Senate president in last spring’s election over Tamara Dunning, but whose election was invalidated for reasons the administration and the ASB have not disclosed, says his loss in last week’s special election was rigged.

“I think they rigged the election,” Riley said. “The only way they could beat me was to rig it so the numbers would be low.”

Riley lost the special election to Dunning last week, by a count of 77 votes to 76 votes.

“I see the commonality with last year when I was kept from running because of one signature,” he added. “She is their puppet. She’ll do whatever they want. I’m a student representative, not an administration representative.”

Riley plans to fight back.

“I want to write out a petition for people to sign to attest that they voted for me,” Riley said. “They’ve been harassing me for two years. All the student body wants me to be president.”

For the full story on the election results, click here.

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