Oak Cafe Bakery now open at ARC’s main campus

Oak Cafe is open Tuesday-Thursday and selling pastries


The Oak Cafe is open for the spring semester and offers various pastries in the Culinary Arts Center. (Photo by Katie Vance)

The Oak Cafe Bakery has opened at American River College’s main campus for the spring 2023 semester. 

The bakery is student-run and its hours are Tuesday-Thursday from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. 

This bakery serves various pastries such as bacon egg and cheese biscuits, spinach onion quiche, sandwiches, cookies, etc. 

Customers can also view pastries being made by the students in the bakery daily.

Megin Anderson, the student bakery manager, is currently studying for a degree in hospitality but may potentially change her major to culinary arts. 

“You can earn degrees such as hospitality and culinary arts. Anyone can come and order. Students volunteer and work there for free,” Anderson said.

Customer Phoebe Follette, a civil engineering major, recently tried the bakery for the first time and said she was impressed with the experience.  

“Great experience, coffee is really good and smells great,” Follette said. 

Another customer, Rich Wilson, a fashion major, said he loved the smiles. 

“First-time great experience, love the smiles, everything smells really good here,” Wilson said. 

Michael Nakada, a professor of fine & applied arts, hospitality management who oversees the bakery production class, says it is open to all students and the public. 

“The bakery production class is a requirement for the baking and pastry certificate that the hospitality management department offers,” Nakada said. “We also hire students who qualify for Federal Work-Study to staff the retail counter. Some hospitality management students even volunteer to work in the bakery because they love the atmosphere so much.” 

Nakada says students in the bakery class rotate roles so a student isn’t just doing one thing. The rotations include making bread, pastries, coffee and working as a cashier. 

“Students in the Bakery Production class work as production bakers where they produce most of the baked goods. They rotate through various positions so that they are exposed to a wide variety of skills they may need in the industry,” Nakada said. “We also have our retail sales associates who help guests with their orders, run the POS system, or prepare espresso drinks.” 

The Oak Cafe Bakery is located next to the Cafe restaurant in the Evangelisti Culinary Arts Center on Myrtle West parking lot next to the science building.