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The student voice of American River College since 1955

The American River Current

The student voice of American River College since 1955

The American River Current

Students of the drone class, Experimental Offering in Design Technology, gather around Sean Franklin (left), who describes the various operations that are available in the drone unit they were flying in the Student Center at American River College on Feb. 2, 2019.

Take This Class: Experimental Offering in Design Technology (DESGN 299)

Patrick Hyun Wilson February 13, 2019

The sound of mechanical buzzing fills the air in the Student Center at American River College. Plastic propellers zip around the room as different groups of students control their movement. Occasionally...

Professor Brian Knirk discussing the wines they are tasting in his Hospitality Management class at American River College Nov. 5, 2018. (Photo by Hannah Yates)

Take This Class: Hospitality Management 120

Breawna Maynard December 12, 2018

Located in the Fine Arts department there is an all-white classroom filled with students dressed in their culinary uniforms and others casual — all with their full attention ready to learn. Hospitality...

Professor Pamela Downs leads a group activity during an Oct. 9 meeting of the TA 344 class. (Photo by Nathan Bauer)

Take this class: improv and theater games

Nathan Bauer November 16, 2017

Students gather around in a circle as instructor Pamela Downs takes to the center like a circus ringmaster preparing for a dazzling and elaborate trick; she explains the rules of the warm up game as each...

Professor Susan Howe teaches her Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual andTransgender Literature class at American River College. This semester is the first time the course has been offered at ARC. (Photo by Joe Padilla)

Take this class: ENGLT 365: Introduction to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Literature

Bailey Carpenter January 31, 2016

An earlier version of this story incorrectly spelled Reanne Acolsta's last name "Aclsta" A former student, and now professor, at American River College, Susan Howe, has created a safe haven for all...

Art new media student Charles Kinter places his piece of metal into the forge in order to make the metal easier to shape in his class, ART 376: Functional Sculpture on Tuesday, November 24, 2015. The course focuses on working metal and using tools found in the blacksmithing market to make art that serves a purpose. Kinter said that working with the material has helped him in his art new media classes. (Photo by Lena DoBynes)

Take this class: ART 376

Lena DoBynes November 24, 2015

The loud clang of metal on metal, the almost overwhelming heat against one’s face as they open the forge doors, and the look of the bright hot metal as it is pulled out of the fire are some of the various...

Professor Dyne Eifertsen, left, teaches MUP 323, Latin Jazz Ensamble. Students in his class learn a variety of different kinds of music such as Latin American and Afro-Cuban jazz. (Photo by Matthew Wilke)

Take This Class: MUP 323: Latin Jazz Ensemble

Michael Pacheco September 8, 2015

Student musicians interested in both honing their craft and learning a unique style of music have a great opportunity in the two unit MUP 323: Latin Jazz Ensemble course taught by Dyne Eifertsen. “Latin...

Take This Class; Homeland Security 304

Take This Class; Homeland Security 304

Cameron Weaver and Cameron Weaver October 14, 2014

Amidst the hot-button issues of illegal immigration and border security, American River College is offering Homeland Security-sponsored courses at its off-campus McClellan center to assist students...

Professor Pamela Chao lectures her class on how we define ourselves and how society define us in her Soc 320 class.

TTC: Soc 320: Minorities in America

Jose Garcia and Walter Jones September 12, 2014

By Walter Jones and Jose Garcia With the recent tensions in Ferguson, Mo. students may find it worthwhile to learn about the racial debate in America. Professor Pamela Chao, instructor of Sociology...

Using two hand weights, Cleveland Braswell executes rotating punches during a three-part circuit workout during the Boot Camp Fitness class at American River College. (Photo by Emily K. Rabasto)

Take This Class: Fitns 331 Boot Camp Fitness

Natasha Honeywood and Natasha Honeywood December 3, 2013

There is a class on campus that will push students to their absolute limits and challenge them mentally and physically. Rain or shine, Fitns 331: Boot Camp Fitness can be found in the main gym or outside,...

Professor Williams outlines on the whiteboard about monologues, their structure, and in what situations they are used or seen. This class not only teaches acting techniques, also writing.

Take this class: Theater Arts 350: Theory and Techniques of Acting 1

Michael Pacheco and Michael Pacheco November 13, 2013

Acting goes beyond just saying your lines according to the script. It is about making the human connection with your audience, and making your statement be felt, heard, and understood. In Theater Arts...

Prof. Eifersten lectures during his class. (Photo by Brandon Nelson)

Take this class: MUFHL 308 Introduction to Music: Rock and Roll

Brandon Nelson and Brandon Nelson November 6, 2013

<!--- Rock and Roll, Eifertsen, Human Services, American River College ---!> When you recall a familiar song you heard at a random point in time, you start taping your toes as memories of concerts...

Professor Nancy Miller explains an exercise where she asks students to arrange cards with words on them in order of most important to least important to them in her class Psychology 390 or Psychology of Death and Dying, on Tuesday, April 29, 2013.

Take this class: PSYC 390 – Psychology of Death and Dying

Sam Urrea and Sam Urrea May 8, 2013

The moment a life has come to an end is often difficult for people to come to terms with.  Family members and friends can be left mourning for their relatives’ deaths with immense distress and a sense...

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