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DISA spokesman Army Major General Yee speaks on the importance of cybersecurity

Army Major General Garrett S. Yee,  Assistant to the Director of the Defense Information Systems Agency, delivers a presentation on cybersecurity to American River College students on Feb.13, in the Student Center Board Room. (Photo by Colin Bartley)

Marquala Brown

March 3, 2020

On Feb.13, in the Student Center Board Room, the Business and Computer Science department hosted the College to Career series with speaker Army Major General Garrett S. Yee. Yee serves as Assistant to the Director of the Defense Information Systems Agency and spoke about the future of cybersecurity...

Science Success Center offers students assistance and candy

Student tutor Mozett Coleman and instructional assistant Lyudmila Moraru work at the Science Success Center, which is geared towards helping students be successful in their classes at American River College. (Photo by Marquala Brown)

Marquala Brown

September 30, 2019

In an effort to help students reach their full potential, the Science Success Center offers many opportunities for students enrolled in science classes at American River College, including: one-on-one tutoring, personal guidance, support, reading strategies and study skills.  Lyudmila Moraru, an instructional assistant ...

Hundreds of taxidermy specimens call ARC ‘home’

Biology professor Kathryn Bradshaw holds a red-shouldered hawk in a biology classroom at American River College on Feb. 22. Bradshaw maintains the collection, most of which once belonged to a museum. (Photo by Ashley Hayes-Stone)

Patrick Hyun Wilson

March 13, 2019

A typical American River College classroom may not look like much; a few desks and chairs, a whiteboard up front, and maybe some educational posters. However, behind the doors of Room 492 in the Science Building on the north side of campus, cabinets are full of yellow-billed magpies and snowy egrets...

ARC to demolish buildings to make room for new STEM facility

A schematic of the proposed STEM building that would be erected in the space where the Liberal Arts Building stands today. (Photo courtesy of Scott Crow)

Jennifer Langston

September 13, 2017

American River College will be undergoing more construction in March 2018 as crews prepare to demolish the current Liberal Arts building and erect a new one in its place. The Liberal Arts building was built in the 1960s. According to Scott Crow, American Rivers Public Information Officer. ARC has wanted...

Chemistry professor re-ignites student’s passion for science

American River College chemistry professor Brian Weissbart stands in his classroom on Sept. 5, 2017 in Sacramento, California. (Photo by Brienna Edwards)

Brienna Edwards

September 5, 2017

Students crowded a small lab room, leaning on the black counters as they tried to balance on rickety stools. Beakers and Bunsen burners were strewn across each workstation. Lab notebooks with scribbled numbers and shaky graphs drawn on crinkled pages lay beside each student. And in the midst of a...

Take this class: CHEM 420: Organic Chemistry

A whole cinnamon stick sits ready to be ground up for distillation. Students extracted the essential oil, cinnamaldehyde, from the sticks in their organic chemistry lab. (Photo by Timothy Lipuma)

Timothy Lipuma

April 25, 2016

In the mind of popular culture, chemistry is about toxic spills, television drug dramas and pollution. It’s not exactly the best reputation for a science to have, so it might be surprising to learn that organic chemistry students spend their lab time with tea and aromatic spices. The process actuall...

ARC professor presents on international fusion reactor

Speaker Chuck Hunt explains Tritum during his presentation on ITER on March 30. 
(Photo by Matthew Nobert)

Timothy Lipuma

April 1, 2016

Fusion energy, thermonuclear reactors and their impact on the future were the topic of a presentation given by former American River College professor Chuck Hunt on Wednesday. ITER, Latin for “the way,”  is a nuclear fusion reactor being made through a collaborative effort of China, the Europe...

Opinion: Students shouldn’t be pressured to pick a major

Students don't need to pick their majors right away in order to have a fulfilling college experience and transfer. (Photo by Mychael Jones)

Lena DoBynes

December 1, 2015

Almost every college student is asked the classic “what’s your major” question and while some can answer confidently in under five seconds, there are many students who struggle to find a response. Many people view a student who has not decided on a major as a person who has no direction in lif...

ARC student soars at NASA program

The Curiosity rover sitting in a shed NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. A student from American River College was apart of a team that won a program for NASA to build a rover that would be successful on a mission to Mars.
(Photo provided by Cecilie Thompson)

Jordan Schauberger

November 13, 2015

An American River College student gave a presentation last week on her three-day experience at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), in Pasadena, CA. Cecilie Thompson, an electrical engineering major at ARC, said that through the NASA Collegiate Aerospace (NCAS) program she was able to have the...

Finding extraterrestrial life in the next generation

Finding extraterrestrial life in the next generation

Meredith Durham and Meredith Durham

April 20, 2015

Physics and astronomy professor Laura Lege gave a lecture Wednesday about how far humanity has come in finding forms of life in the universe. Lege began by giving an overview of what life needs to exist anywhere. These prerequisites include liquid water, organic molecules, energy and time. 90 percent...

Creating “Mini Big Bangs” gives physicists insight into the birth of the universe

Creating “Mini Big Bangs” gives physicists insight into the birth of the universe

Meredith Durham and Meredith Durham

April 20, 2015

Brooke Hagg, a physics professor at American River College and UC Davis, gave a lecture on April 8 on her research studying the effects of reproducing ion collisions. “Grab a cookie and grab a clicker, there will be a quiz,” Haag said, opening the lecture. There were interactive quiz questions...

Former ARC student presents new research in astrophysics

Former ARC student presents new research in astrophysics

Meredith Durham and Meredith Durham

April 8, 2015

A former American River College student presented her research, which involved analyzing distant galaxies through supercomputers, at an on-campus lecture last month. UC Santa Cruz student Vivian Tang explained CANDELS, or the Cosmic Assembly Near-infrared Deep Extragalactic Legacy Survey, an imaging...

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