Science Success Center offers students assistance and candy


Student tutor Mozett Coleman and instructional assistant Lyudmila Moraru work at the Science Success Center, which is geared towards helping students be successful in their classes at American River College. (file photo)

Marquala Brown

In an effort to help students reach their full potential, the Science Success Center offers many opportunities for students enrolled in science classes at American River College, including: one-on-one tutoring, personal guidance, support, reading strategies and study skills. 

Lyudmila Moraru, an instructional assistant for the Science Success Center, has been with the program since December 2018. At the center, Moraru helps students with registering, enrollment and program related questions.

“The Science Success Center is an individual tutoring program that is really focused on study skills and learning strategies,” Moraru said. “Tutors get to know students and identify which strategies might be helpful in specific science class and match the strategies with the students.”

According to Moraru, the Science Success Center begins accepting enrollment into the program Aug. 26 and continues through the end of October. In order to enroll, students take about 5 to 10 minutes on the computer to enroll. 

The Science Success Center also allows pre-enrollment before the semester starts. This allows for students to add General Science 90 or 91 when enrolling into the other classes for the semester at the same time. 

“The research that was conducted for the center consistently shows that students who are enrolled into the program, along with a science class, on average scored a letter grade higher,” Moraru said. 

According to Moraru, the center has many tutors who are also science majors and faculty members who are willing to work around student’s schedules and needs.

One of the tutors is ARC student Mozett Coleman. Last semester she was apart of the Science Success Center as a student and now has returned this semester as a tutor. 

Coleman says the best part of the program when she was a student was the support and positive reinforcement she received through the program. Now that she has returned to the program as tutor she says feels like being a former student is an advantage for her as a tutor  

“I understand the struggle that comes with being a student also most of the time a fulltime student and the weight that is carries,” she said. “So it helps me to better understand students that come in and try to get help from me.”

The center also offers free academic planners, calendars and candy for any students coming to check out the program.For more information, students can visit the Science Success Center in the science and engineering building, room 491, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.