Science Success Center offers tutoring for science study skills

“We try to teach students to read with intent”


Students practice deciphering textbook graphics with the Science Success Center tutors. The center offers virtual one-on-one tutoring for students enrolled in at least one science course. (Photo via the ARC website)

Students looking for help with their science classes can look into signing up for the Science Success Center at American River College. The Science Success Center offers virtual one-on-one tutoring for students enrolled in at least one science course. Students taking anything in science, engineering, health education, nutrition, math and related subjects are eligible for tutoring.

“It’s important to remember that this program is about study skills tutoring, not content tutoring, so those who sign up are looking for general course preparation in their science class,” said Lyudmila Moraru, SSC instructional assistant. 

According to Angela Romo, a tutor for the Science Success Center, many students are not used to reading dry science textbooks. Students may struggle to retain information.

“We try to teach students to read with intent,” said Romo in a video on the SSC webpage. “Not just flipping pages and looking at content but writing things down and analyzing as they read.”

The instruction is personalized, so students may learn different skills depending on their strengths and weaknesses. Students may learn time management, reading, note-taking, understanding graphics, test taking and test review strategies.

According to Moraru, every semester approximately 200-300 students take advantage of the SSC. Students can enroll until week 10 of the semester. It is encouraged to enroll earlier rather than later to get the most out of the program.

Students receive a half unit of credit in General Science 90 or General Science 91 for six to eight weekly sessions. There is no letter grade for SSC, only pass/no pass.

According to the webpage, each tutoring session takes 30 minutes. The time slots for each session are flexible to fit students’ schedules.

To enroll, visit the Science Success Center webpage