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Slides at the study abroad college hour by American River College History professor Bill Wrightson and Psychology professor Mark Stewart. Wrightson talked about the History class he taught in Florence and the different places the group traveled and Stewart talked about the Psychology class he taught in London and the different museums, theaters and the places around London the group visited on Nov. 12. (Photo by Emily Thompson)

Study Abroad opens opportunities for Summer

Ashley Nanfria November 13, 2015

Study abroad opportunities to London, England and Florence, Italy for the summer 2016 were discussed at college hour on Thursday. American River College History and Psychology professors Bill Wrightson...

A slide on the Great Baisn Overview at the college hour that covered the troubles that the Native American tribes went though in the 1800s on Nov. 5. (Photo By Emily Thompson)

Struggles of Native Americans discussed at college hour

Emily Thompson November 6, 2015

The struggles of the descendants of the Wada-Tika Northern Paiute of the former Malheur Indian Reservation in southeast Oregon were discussed at Thursday's college hour. “I like to talk about (the...

The Harlem Hellfighters was talked about at the RAD presents college hour. History professor Rudy Pearson spoke about what the Harlem Hellfighters did for America durning World War 1 and how they did not recieve the credit they deserved until many years later because they were African American on Oct. 15. (Photo by Emily Thompson)

College Hour discusses Harlem Hellfighters in WWI

Ashley Nanfria October 16, 2015

The French called them the 'Men of Bronze' out of respect, and the Germans called them the 'Harlem Hellfighters' out of fear. In the R.A.D presents College Hour on Thursday, American River College History...

American River College hosts a carrer day for students. Employers came from all over Northern California in hopes of recurting students now and for the future on Oct. 1. (Photo by Emily Thompson)

Career Fair offers students ways to network within businesses

Ashley Nanfria October 2, 2015

More than 200 students crowded into the Student Center for this semester’s career fair on Thursday at American River College. Students spoke to different business representatives and employers about...

American River College instructional assistant Cheryl Howell and instructional aid Macki spoke at a Time Managment and Google Calendars student success workshop. Howell is speaking to the students about helpful tips and tools that should be used to lead to student success on Sept. 21, 2015. (Photo by Emily Thompson)

Students learn about success at the ‘Time Management and Google Calendars’ workshop

Ashley Nanfria September 25, 2015

Helping students learn skills to help with time management and make better use of tools around them were among the topics discussed during the student success workshop “Time Management and Google Calendars”...

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Photos by Emily Thompson