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Challenges for DSPS students discussed at College Hour

Emily Thompson

December 7, 2015

American River College hosted a College Hour on Thursday featuring a panel of students from Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) to talk to other students about the struggles they have faced in their lives. DSPS is a program on campus for disabled students. Panelists said that disabled students ...

Opinion: Students should explore study abroad opportunities

Students from the American River College Study Abroad course HIST 399: Italian History and Culture, pose on a rock in Greece during their stay in summer 2015. Studying abroad can open up many opportunities for students to experience different cultures. (Photo Courtesy of Ashley Nanfria)

Emily Thompson and Ashley Nanfria

November 30, 2015

A previous version of this story falsely reported that the students were sitting on a rock in Italy. They were in fact in Greece. Studying abroad is a life-changing opportunity that benefits not only students but our nation and the world. It is an opportunity that everyone should take. The best w...

Struggles of Native Americans discussed at college hour

A slide on the Great Baisn Overview at the college hour that covered the troubles that the Native American tribes went though in the 1800s on Nov. 5. (Photo By Emily Thompson)

Emily Thompson

November 6, 2015

The struggles of the descendants of the Wada-Tika Northern Paiute of the former Malheur Indian Reservation in southeast Oregon were discussed at Thursday's college hour. “I like to talk about (the Native American tribes) because it gives them a voice that they don’t have,” said Susan Stowell, t...

English professor presents her novel at college hour

Emily Thompson

October 30, 2015

American River College adjunct English professor Erika Mailman talked about the writing process for her book “Haunted: The Arnaud Legacy” and read some scenes from her story at Thursday’s college hour. Mailman wrote the book under her pen name Lynn Carthage.  She is taking this semester off from...

Campus activities promoted at Halloween-themed Club Day

Funeral services education booth featured pumkins carved by members and candles for sale to students. The

Emily Thompson

October 23, 2015

All the clubs at American River College got together in front of the Student Center on Thursday for a “Haunted Harvest” themed Club Day. Clubs decorated their booths and the quad with Halloween decorations. Games such as musical chairs and a Halloween costume fashion contest hosted by the ...

Opinion: Everyone who can should donate blood

Four out of every 10 people in the United States are able to donate blood, yet only one in 10 actually does. (Photo by Ashley Nanfria)

Emily Thompson and Ashley Nanfria

October 19, 2015

By Emily Thompson and Ashley Nanfria When someone in the United States is in need of a blood transfusion every two seconds, everyone who can needs to give blood. A little needle is nothing compared with saving a life. Blood helps to save the lives of accident and burn patients, premature infants...

Gender inequality discussed at college hour

Emily Thompson

October 12, 2015

In the developing world there is an extreme inequality between men and women when it comes to education, health care and rates of domestic violence. In an honors reads college hour Thursday, American River College political science professor Alana Jeydel discussed the novel “The Underground Girls of ...

ARC students help save lives

Students who have signed up for the blood drive wait before getting called on to go inside the bus. The Blood drive took place on campus at ARC on Sept. 29th. Photo By: Ashley Nanfria

Emily Thompson

October 2, 2015

Blood Source came to American River College on Sept. 29 and Sept. 30 in hopes of getting students to save lives by donating blood. Blood Source is a full service blood bank that caters to 40 hospitals throughout the Central and Northern California area. The blood drive is sponsored by the ARC He...

Welcome Day brings many opportunities to ARC students

Welcome Day signs were featured in the hallways around the ARC campus. The event consisted of Club Day and Transfer Day and was hosted on Sept. 24. (Photo by: Ashley Nanfria)

Emily Thompson

September 25, 2015

American River College held welcome day on Thursday, which included club day and transfer day, in hopes of getting students more involved in the school and informed about transferring.     “Let the games begin” was the theme for this year’s club day. “This is my first time going to college and coming to a club day. It’ really exciting. I’m going to join a club to...

Changing legal names discussed at college hour

Mathematics and instructional technology professor Phil Smith hosts a college hour Thursday on the process of changing a person's name in California. (Photo by Ashley Nanfria)

Emily Thompson

September 11, 2015

Fitting in, becoming more distinctive and responding to life changing events are some of the reasons why adults decide to change their names. American River College mathematics and instructional technology professor Phil Smith hosted a college hour Thursday to teach the process of changing a person...

First ever Humanities and Philosophy Club to start in October

Professor Bill Zangeneh-Lester lectures to his HUM 300 students. Zangeneh-Lester will be the one of advisers for the new Humanties and Philosophy Club starting in October of the fall 2015 semester. (Photo by: Ashley Nanfria)

Emily Thompson

September 9, 2015

Meta C.A.R.P.L, which stands for cultural, art, religion, philosophy, and literature is a new humanities and philosophy club that will start Friday, Oct. 2 at 1:30 at American River College, with the location still to be determined. Humanities professor Bill Zangeneh-Lester and adjunct philosophy...

Former ARC professor paints a different scene of Del Paso

Gerry Otis Simpson, also known as GOS

Emily Thompson

September 1, 2015

Despite his recent success, painter Gerry Otis Simpson, better known by his art-world moniker, GOS”, only ever picked up a paintbrush for the first time as a way to decorate his walls cheaply. “I just have fun,” Simpson said. “I started painting because I couldn’t afford to buy art that I really...

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