First ever Humanities and Philosophy Club to start in October

Professor Bill Zangeneh-Lester lectures to his HUM 300 students. Zangeneh-Lester will be the one of advisers for the new Humanties and Philosophy Club starting in October of the fall 2015 semester. (Photo by: Ashley Nanfria)

Meta C.A.R.P.L, which stands for cultural, art, religion, philosophy, and literature is a new humanities and philosophy club that will start Friday, Oct. 2 at 1:30 at American River College, with the location still to be determined.

Humanities professor Bill Zangeneh-Lester and adjunct philosophy professor Edward Haven are the advisers of the club.

We want to get student to tell us what they want to do. It is going to be your club,” Haven said.

Zangeneh-Lester and Haven started this club with the goal of bringing people from different cultures, backgrounds, majors and groups together to explore the best parts of humanities and philosophy.

“A lot of time people stay in their own groups, the idea is to get the groups to hang out with each other,” Zangeneh-Lester said.

They are planning to have a guest lecture series and watch “Adventure Time” to analyze it for relevant social themes.

“Hilariously it is a really deep show, it has a lot to do with philosophy,” Zangeneh-Lester said.

The club also plans to go on several field trips. Lester and Haven are already planning on going to San Francisco to the Nourse Theater for a cultural studies lecture series.

They are encouraging everyone to join.

Students should join if they are interested in the human condition in all its limits and boundlessness, if they are interested to learn about themselves and others and if they are interested in defining or finding a new sense of community and culture,” Haven said.

“We want to hear different voices in the community, and hear what people are doing and what are they creating, this is why the club is different,” Zangeneh-Lester said.

Zangeneh-Lester was inspired to start this club by his doctorate program at the Graduate Theological Union. This program was all about having different religion institutions in one organization. It is about community and hearing about “the other.”

“I hope the students will gain a new perspective and learn to appreciate other perspectives for the wisdom they carry. From this I hope a sense of adventure and exploration of the unknown can grow and inspire students to take on what seem like the insurmountable challenges of life,” Haven said.

ARC student Diego Navaro said he is excited about the new club to “get more into depth with Humanities.”

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