Sacramento Kings will make it past the first round of playoffs

The Kings advance to the playoffs after finishing the regular season with 48-34 record


The Sacramento Kings will face the Golden State Warriors in game three on April 20 at 7 p.m., ending a 16 season playoff drought. (Photo by Kaitlyn Riley)

After missing the playoffs for 16 consecutive seasons, the Sacramento Kings ended their playoff drought on March 29 against the Portland Trailblazers.

The Kings defeated the Golden State Warriors in game one of the playoffs 126-123 and game two, 114-106.

The Kings are more than capable of winning against the Warriors in the first round of the playoffs after finishing the regular season as the third seed in the Western Conference.

The playoffs may be new territory for the Kings, but they are a team who is hungry to win.

The Kings wrapped up the regular season with a record of 48-34, stunning all of the NBA.

Sacramento may be known as a “cow town” or a place where free agents don’t want to end up, but in the heart of this city is a small market team where you can find one of the most loyal fan bases in sports.

This was seen a couple years back when the city almost lost the team to Seattle or Anaheim. The fans came together and showed the NBA what this team meant to them by creating the “Here We Stay” movement.

The Kings are a group of young athletes that play exciting and fast-paced basketball.

This year they have been led by all-star point guard De’Aaron Fox and center Domantas Sabonis. 

They have a three-point weapon in Kevin Huerter and Keegan Murray, who made the most threes by a rookie in a single season. 

Coming off the bench are Malik Monk and Trey Lyles, both who provide an offensive spark and are three point threats.

Monte McNair took over as the general manager in 2020 and has helped create a winning culture in Sacramento. 

Another big change among this franchise is new head coach Mike Brown, a defensive-minded coach that takes the time to teach his players and doesn’t just tell them what to do.

Another benefit to the addition of Brown for the playoffs is that he used to be a coach with the Golden State Warriors and knows how their offense and defense operates.

According to Stat Muse, the Warriors have the fourth worst road record. This may benefit the Kings as they have home court advantage.

Both teams will have the advantage of not having to travel far and adjust to a time change or altitude during the playoff series.

This year the Kings have been the healthiest team in the NBA, which shows its availability.

According to USA Today, the Kings are ranked No. 1 in points scored per game and No. 25 for points allowed per game. 

To bring home the win, the Kings must take smart shots and play good defense against the Warriors.

As a longtime Kings’ fan, it was a tear jerking moment for me when the team clinched a spot in the playoffs. 

With the playoffs taking place in Sacramento for the first time in 16 seasons there will be a boost in the economy for all the businesses surrounding the Golden 1 Center.

The Kings making the playoffs brings positive attention to the team after so many years of people talking down on them. 

According to Ticketmaster, the cheapest seat ticket to attend game one of the playoffs in Sacramento was $400, compared to the cheapest seat ticket at the Chase Center in San Francisco for game three which is $210.

This shows that the tickets are highly coveted and Kings fans are excited to finally attend a playoff game.

At the start of each game, each team has a chance to win. It just comes down to who takes advantage of their opportunities on the court.

The Kings will face the Warriors on April 20 at 7 p.m. in game three of the best of seven playoff series at the Chase Center in San Francisco.