Assistant athletic director Jerry Haflich set to retire after 23 years at ARC

Haflich teaches kinesiology and coaches students to be successful through sports

erry Haflich has dedicated his last 23 years to American River college taking on many different positions to benefit all student needs. (Photo Courtesy of Jerry Haflich)

erry Haflich has dedicated his last 23 years to American River college taking on many different positions to benefit all student needs. (Photo Courtesy of Jerry Haflich)

Over the last 23 years, Jerry Haflich, assistant athletic director and professor at American River College, has helped athletes reach their potential, but he considers his biggest win to be his long marriage and children.

He is planning to retire in June after committing many years to helping students develop and grow into better athletes. 

“The people that work at ARC have always been the reason I stayed here all these years. [They are] great colleagues,” Haflich said. 

Haflich attended Ventura Community College for two years and graduated with an A.A. degree. Haflich then moved on to the California State University of Sacramento and received a B.S. in kinesiology. 

After attending college, he steer wrestled for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association for 10 years and currently tries to golf every week. 

Haflich says the pandemic was very challenging for him as a kinesiology professor. 

“I analyze movement for a living. It is very difficult to correct and motivate myself from a computer screen,” Haflich said. “Personally, I was able to adjust to the limitations placed on our society, in regards to social interaction.”

Haflich explains the most rewarding part of his job is being able to work with the student-athletes. He enjoys helping and directing them to success. 

“Haflich is someone I respect immensely and he is a valuable member of our current department. He plays such a supportive role in the landscape of our athletic department in every regard and will certainly be missed,” said Jon Osterhout, the head coach of ARC’s football team.

Throughout the years, Haflich says, there have been many changes in the athletic department. 

“Our leadership has turned over so many times over my 20 plus years,” Haflich said. “It is great to see Dr. Steve Roberson become our new full-time leader as Dean/Athletics Director.”

After retirement, he plans to visit friends that have also retired and moved out of California. He also wants to volunteer for a few organizations whose message he believes in after the first of next year. 

Osterhout says that Haflich is a tremendous teacher and a phenomenal football coach.

“He is an asset in regards to people being able to pick his brain about strength and conditioning, player development, and providing pathways for student athletics success,” Osterhout said. “Certainly, this will be a big hole to fill…he is a tremendous human being, a great coach, dear friend and mentor.”

Haflich explains that his biggest accomplishment is being married to his wife Roseanne for the past 36 years and raising their three children into adulthood, with health and success which makes him a proud dad.

Outside of school, Haflich has many hobbies he enjoys doing in his free time. 

“Over the years, I have enjoyed riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle as often as possible. I’ve enjoyed playing my guitar, stream fishing and playing golf,” Haflich said. “I enjoy my family vacations at the beach house in Santa Cruz each year. Time with my family is a top priority these days.”