Ideas for relaxing on Spring Break


An empty courtyard here at American River College illustrates a calming Spring Break. (Photo by Mychael Jones)

Mychael Jones and Mychael Jones

Spring Break is a week’s vacation for students typically held around Easter. There are many names for this week-long vacation and some college students may seek an opportunity to travel or party.

Taking a break during this week could be well spent by catching up to finish homework, cleaning house, or taking a little rest and relaxation can be far more invigorating. There are at least two things that help with relaxing the body for rest, sleep and listening to music.

However, there are students who want to stay at home and just binge watch their favorite TV show, play video games, or visit family members without traveling too far.

One way a student could relax can be by taking a rest.

Sleep can be a way to regulate memory and learning functions through complex means according to Harvard Health Publications, the media and publishing division of the Harvard Medical School.

The human body needs on average copious hours of sleep a day to help with the recall center of the brain to access information that may be pertinent to use.

Listening to music while trying to sleep has a positive effect on the human stress response occurs.

For example, listening to music such as jazz, hip hop, soft, or relaxing music has a calming  tone.

According to researchers at a Stanford University from a press release issued in 2006, “listening to music seems to be able to change brain functioning to the same extent as medication.”

According to University of Nevada, Reno any music that plays around 60 beats per minute can match the alpha brainwaves, which are found to be the cause of when we are relaxed and conscious.

Spring break should be to take a break, so why not relax with a nice book in hand while hearing a song that makes you feel at peace.

Another tip on relaxation during spring break can be organizing objectives.

Taking a week off to organize what students should do after spring break can be beneficial in understanding how to accomplish his or her tasks.

For example, a student could organize a checklist on what they need to do first then set up bullet points on how to accomplish that goal.

Lastly, a more simple task for anyone not just students can be taking a walk.

Spring break this year should be a day to take a break from all the stress in life, lay down, and take it easy.
So, kick up your feet, drink your favorite drink, listen to the music you love, and have your goals prepared because the future is bright and ahead of you.