ARC campus bathrooms marked with racist and anti-trans graffiti

Officials say the matter is being taken seriously after second incident this semester


Malicious graffiti was found in an American River College bathroom on April 4, a month after the last incident transpired. (Photo by Shy Bell)

American River College’s campus was once again struck with vandalism on April 4. Students and faculty were notified by email that racist graffiti was found in the men’s restroom in the Fine Arts area on campus. 

The graffiti was documented and removed by campus operations, according to the email from ARC’s Community Relations Office to students.

This is the second reported incident of graffiti on ARC’s campus this semester –the prior one taking place March 2, consisting of anti-trans messages– and last semester there were occurrences of the same type of hateful defacement. 

According to ARC’s Public Information Officer, Kaitlyn Collignon, and Gabe Ross, chief strategy and communication officer for the Los Rios Community College District,  the district is taking the crime seriously. 

“We will do everything in our power to find the responsible party,” Collignon and Ross said in an email to the Current. 

They said that the strongest action possible will be enforced if they are able to identify the person(s) responsible. 

“We do not believe there is a credible threat to the safety of the campus community at this time,” Collignon and Ross said.

Warda Ali, ARC’s student senate president, said that these incidents are not condoned by the ASB.

“Vandalism and graffiti on campus are alarming and any kind of harmful rhetoric is taken seriously,” Ali said in an email to the Current. 

Ali said that she has personally spoken with faculty and staff about the graffiti and language, and that they are collectively concerned. 

“We want to ensure that every space on campus is a safe and welcoming space for everyone,” Ali said.

Ali stated that the ASB members, and other groups, are brainstorming with faculty and staff on how to further protect students.

“I have connected with deans and the associated vice president of institutional effectiveness and innovation to discuss preventative measures and to continue to foster a safe and inclusive college community,” Ali said.

ARC has encouraged students to call Los Rios Police at (916) 558-2221 if they have any information. They also urge students to take advantage of the 24/7 telehealth, Timely Care, and other resources offered by the Los Rios Center for Mental Health and Wellness.