Students believe more, improved maps are needed around ARC campus

Some ARC students say it’s easy to get lost around campus


American River College students believe that upgraded maps can help prevent them from getting lost on campus. As of now, students believe the current maps are hard to find and may be suited better in areas that are more frequently visited. (Photo by Kaitlyn Riley)

As students walk around the American River College campus they may notice some maps, but currently some are really small or located in areas of campus that aren’t visited as much.

For example, Yadira Afacende and Lalaine Simmons, general science majors, say they haven’t seen many maps on campus. 

“Not like maps, just these little signs, but then sometimes those even get confusing,” Afacende said. “Cause I’m like OK that way, but like where?”

Warda Ali, student senate president, said that all students may benefit from an updated campus map.

“An increased number of maps with slightly more detail and direction would help students better navigate around campus and get where they need to go,” Ali said in an email to the Current.

When asked if she had a hard time finding classes, Simmons said it is really easy to get lost.

“The first time, I was late for 20 minutes and it was raining, so it was pretty bad,” Simmons said.

Printed maps are available on campus in the Center for Leadership and Development if students would like a physical copy. 

Ali also added that the ARC Wayfind app can be used to help students navigate their way around campus.

“If there were new and improved maps placed around campus, I believe that they should replace the old maps,” Ali said. “However, placing new maps in different and more visited spots on campus would also be productive.”

Afacende said she thinks maps are needed in more areas around campus.

“Mostly the entrances, by the parking lot and the student center, definitely online too,” Afacende said.

Afacende and Simmons both agreed that it would be nice to also have maps that give a layout of the buildings on campus.

Kaitlyn Collignon, ARC’s public information officer, says students are encouraged to use the ARC Wayfind app to map out their way around campus.

“We continue to look at our physical signage and campus maps for areas of improvement,” Collignon said in an email to the Current.

Ali said that when a problem is brought to the attention of the Associated Student Body, they work with the shared governance board to come up with a solution.

“This is a continued conversation that is being had and ASB hopes to take action as soon as possible,” Ali said.