ASB discusses updates for on-campus learning

The group also discussed its personal goals for the spring semester


On Jan. 28, the Associated Student Body of American River College met for the first time in the spring 2022 semester, to discuss the current state of in-person classes at ARC as well as personal goals for senate members for this term. (Screenshot via ASB)

On Jan. 28, the Associated Student Body of American River College discussed the current state of the pandemic’s impact on ARC during its first meeting of the spring semester.

ASB president Stacy Burrows opened the meeting by informing the senate members that the mask and vaccine mandate is still in effect for students who attend classes on campus. Burrows added that surgical masks are recommended to wear on campus and ARC will have maks available to give to students

“If you are attending a class this week, the masking policy is to wear one,” Burrows said. “There is a strong recommendation for surgical masks which are available to all students in all classrooms.” 

ASB supervisor Brett Sawyer added that hard-to-convert classes returned to campus on Jan. 31 and all other in-person classes will be returning to campus later in the month. Sawyer mentions that the plan for students to return to campus is unlikely to change for the time being.

“The general classes that were going to be on ground will be returning on Feb. 22,” Sawyer said. “I haven’t heard any rumblings about that it won’t be, so that’s a positive sign.”

Next, the ASB members directed their attention to their personal goals for the spring semester.

Silvia Garcia, director of legislative affairs for ASB, opened up the discussion by talking about the importance of communication between ASB members and the Club and Events Board. Garcia says being more involved with CAEB will help students as COVID-19 waves continue to hold back a full return. 

“Some of my goals for the semester would be communicating more with what is happening on the student senate,” Garcia said. “I like how we’re going to make a virtual club day for CAEB so we are still being present for our students during these unprecedented times.”

Mark Sheppard, CAEB president, says that he wishes to encourage students and faculty to join more ASB and CAEB meetings throughout the semester. Sheppard says that attending these meetings can help clubs receive allocated money from the fall semester to help with financial needs.

“I encourage all ASB members and members of the public to join CAEB meetings,” Sheppard said. “We want every club to participate in CAEB meetings at least a couple times a semester to increase each club’s financial account.”

For more information on how to attend future ASB or CAEB meetings, visit the ASB student government website here