Los Rios offers 100% online degrees

Students who cannot attend in-person can attain a degree through all virtual learning


The 100 % online degrees offered by the Los Rios Community College District are great for students with pre-existing medical conditions due to COVID-19 risk, who have trouble finding childcare, or those who have moved because of the pandemic. (Photo courtesy of Los Rios Online)

In addition to the traditional college programs offered at the four Los Rios Community College District campuses, the district also offers a Los Rios Colleges Online program, which operates 100% digitally.

The four online associate degrees available as of May 2021 are Administration of Justice, Business Administration, Communication Studies, and Health Information Technology. At this time, American River College only offers the Business Administration Associate Degree for Transfer.

These degrees require no in-person attendance or synchronous class meetings that are scheduled at set times and days. They also offer a variety of resources that help elevate a student’s learning experience. 

“The Business Administration ADT is a fully online pathway (academics, support services and appointments), cohort-based model where students will be taking the same courses with the same students for the duration of the program,” said Student Support Specialist Haley Lepper in an email to the Current. “ [Students will have] Unique success coach involvement with numerous check-ins through the semester and the student is assigned an LRCO counselor,” Each student will have a personalized pathway to successful completion of the program and guaranteed spots into the required classes.”

“Completing a degree fully online has some challenges and does require certain skills to be successful, such as working independently, time management and the ability to dedicate time to studies,” Lepper said.  “The Los Rios Colleges Online Success Coaches and Identified Counselor help our students by evaluating their skills and how to enhance their online learning skills.”

Every student in these specialized programs will be assigned a dedicated success coach who can help students get into contact with professors, departments, and resources.

“LRCO Success coaches are here to help students with their academic processes, time and stress management, career and professional exploration, additional resources, and more,” said Lepper.

LRCO students will receive guaranteed priority registration each semester. This helps alleviate any issues with scheduling classes when most classes for fall 2021 will be online for both types of students.

Additional resources include free tutoring, assistance with financial aid and state and federal programs, and extended help for students with disabilities.

“We have created a Passport to Success Student Engagement Challenge that encourages and identifies steps for online students to get involved with their home campus, virtually,” Lepper said. “When students participate in a virtual activity they are entered into a drawing to obtain some awesome prizes.”