Frank Kobayashi becomes new vice president of instruction at ARC

Kobayashi oversees 12 deans and over 1,000 full and part-time faculty


Frank Kobayashi, the new vice president of instruction at American River College, oversees over 12 deans and over 1,000 full and part-time faculty, in the fall semester of 2021. (Photo courtesy of Frank Kobayashi)

Many of the people who make American River College successful aren’t necessarily well known to most students—but they play important roles. 

One of those people is Frank Kobayashi, the vice president of instruction at ARC, who plays a vital role in the success of students who deals with a lot of campus ideas and topics. 

Kobayashi provides leadership to the development of the schedule of classes, enrollment engagement, and allocation of the instructional budget.

In this role, Kobayashi oversees three associate vice presidents, 12 deans, and over 1,000 full and part-time faculty.

Before he became the vice president of instruction, Kobayashi held the position of vice president of workplace development at ARC. 

“My areas of responsibility included the technical education division, fine and applied arts division, health and education division, apprenticeship, strong workforce, dual enrollment, and grants,” Kobayashi said in an email to the Current. 

Kobayashi’s high-ranking job required a lot of higher educational learning, including studies at a community college.

 “I am a proud product of a community college, having graduated from Santa Rosa Junior College with an AA in Business and AS in Child Development,” Kobayashi said. 

Kobayashi also has a Bachelor’s in Science from UC Davis, a Master’s in Education Policy and Evaluation from Stanford.. Kobayashi also earned a doctorate in Education Leadership from UC Davis.

Kobayashi says he has a few ideas for what he wants to accomplish with his new position.

 “I’d like to expand access to our instructional programs for our students, support student success, and hire incredible faculty, staff, and administrators who support the college’s mission,” Kobayashi said. 

Koue Vang, vice president of administrative services at ARC, says Kobayashi is passionate and dedicated to the success of ARC.

“[He is] a great leader who is authentic and creates a welcoming environment for all. Exceptionally bright, talented, and well-rounded,” Vang said in an email to the Current.“The past year has proven how fortunate ARC is to have Frank Kobayashi as the vice president of instruction, to lead the instruction side through the global pandemic.” 

 Jeff Stephenson, vice president of student services at ARC, calls Kobayashi a positive leader and an advocate for all students. 

“I have had the honor to work with Dr. Kobayashi in his role as vice president of instruction for almost two years,” Stephenson said in an email to the Current. “Dr. Kobayashi is forward-thinking, passionate, caring, thoughtful, and a true leader. ARC is lucky to have a great leader like Dr. Kobayashi.”

Kobayashi says he would like the ARC community to know that the college is an institution of first choice, second chance, opportunity, and hope for students.

Kobayashi added that he wants students to succeed academically. 

“I have the privilege of supporting our students to reach their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. I want our students to succeed,” Kobayashi said.