ASB creates exclusive website

In order to provide more features and easier navigation, ASB has designed a more user-friendly website


Student Senate president Naomi Dasari explains the new independently-operated ARC Associated Student Body website during the meeting on Sept. 4, 2020.

The Associated Student Body (ASB) at American River College created its own independent website in early September in an attempt to provide more details for students about what’s going on in their association.

During its first Student Senate meeting of the fall semester, ASB passed SB F20-01, a bill that would allow for them to create the website, separate from its web page featured on ARC’s main site. Naomi Dasari, president of the Student Senate, says she was motivated to create this new website since ARC’s main site was slow to update ASB’s page from last semester.

“Right now I’m acting as the administrator for the website, and we passed funds to purchase the domain and have the subscription at our first student senate meeting,” Dasari said. “If you go there, you can find all the upcoming meetings for the student senate, for the Club and Events Board (CAEB) and for any committees that are meeting there.”

Features of the new website that weren’t present on the old web page include archived Student Senate and CAEB ConferZoom meetings, previously passed senate bills and resolutions, as well as templates for future bills. 

Mark Sheppard, CAEB president, also contributed to the site’s creation. He says he believes the new site will be easier for students to navigate.

“There’s only a few tabs that are currently on our page,” Sheppard said. “Instead of having to navigate through multiple links in order to access it or have to use the search bar [like the old web page], ours is mainly on the homepage, versus going to the ARC website and having to actually search through it. That way, it’s a one stop shop…”

Students can visit ASB’s new website at