ASB Notebook: Senate Director of Activities calls ‘B—S—‘ on $5000 budget increase


John Ferrannini and John Ferrannini

The ASB Student Senate director of activities stormed out of a board meeting Thursday after losing a vote.

David Hylton, who was instrumental in the creation of a task force to plan American River College’s participation in the March in March, was opposed to increasing the budget for ARC’s participation in the annual protest event from a maximum of $17,000 to a maximum of $22,000.

“That’s bullshit,” said Hylton, Senate director of activities. “I want to be removed from the task force.”

As Hylton was speaking, Tamara Dunning, who is acting as ASB student senate president, continuously pounded her gavel on a sounding block.

Dunning voted for the increase, saying that more funding was necessary for promotional events designed to make students aware of the march.

Senator Garett Kegel said that he thinks spending within the parameters of the original budget is a “moral” issue.

The Student Senate has been giving food to students and advertising in the student paper to help raise awareness, according to Dunning.

“We’re over budget because of the increased interest,” said Dunning. “If we’re going to go over budget, lets do it because people are coming to the events. We’ve never seen this kind of interest in March in March.”

“So it’s our job to keep promoting this interest?” asked Kegel.

Dunning was adamant in her response.

“This is our job. This is advocacy,” she said.

Hylton was opposed to increasing the budget, saying that the increased interest is more related to the free food than to student advocacy.

“You’re saying they’re interested in March in March,” he said. “I have to refute that. They’re interested in the free meal.”

Two new senators, Richard Dean and Dan Massey, were sworn in to their positions on the board.

Meanwhile, it was announced at a recent meeting of the Clubs and Events Board that the color run to be held at ARC originally scheduled for Feb. 28 has been moved to April 18.

LeslieAnn Dameron, CAEB director of activities, said she didn’t know why the color run was being delayed. She reiterated that the color run is not being put on by CAEB, but by a separate company, ColorDash5k.

CAEB is planning a Club Day for March 12 that will have an outer space theme.

Joseph Daniels contributed to this report.