American River College apprenticeship advisers take time to explain their program


Alex Panasenko

Left to right: American River College students Steve Laney, John Wander and David Sueseda-Oroy, construction majors, working on carpentry section of the PREAP 111-Infrastructure Pre-Apprenticeship class, which is a part of the pre-apprenticeship program.

Mychael Jones and Mychael Jones

President Barack Obama urged employers to create more apprenticeships. American River College advisors took the time to explain the apprenticeship programs that are available on ARC’s campus.

Trish Caldwell, interim dean of technical education made a positive remark about Obama’s apprenticeship plan as a positive influence for ARC students.

According to Caldwell, “[Pre-Apprenticeship] offers great opportunity for students to test drive 13 different construction related trades.”

The program is partnered with the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee. The JATC views the current apprenticeship programs, and the jobs that are assigned for ARC students must be approved by the Division of Apprenticeship Standards of the California Department of Industrial Relations.

Caldwell said the workers of Project STRIPE appreciate Obama valuing community colleges.

The ARC program follows a triangle effect that connects from the industry to the government and then the education. This is a part of the “LEA”, said Teegarden also known as the Local

Education Agency. Through this agency students are able to “earn while you learn” said Teegarden.

In the past eight to nine months the increase in demand for construction jobs has increased from 10% to 25%. Teegarden has worked here at ARC for over five years with at least six years on the job experience total.

In her five years, Teegarden has noticed that construction is the “top labor market” and has a higher “priority” for students to work in.

At least right now “85% are working right now” said Teegarden, and of this percentage are from the ARC campus.

Teegarden also said, it depends on the work and the specialization of the craft for students to be accepted through the out-of-work list.

The out of work list is the process in which students can find a job that fits their criteria through applying for the job that is acceptable for their specific skills.

The veterans that are a part of the apprenticeship program have “direct entry” said Teegarden meaning they are put at the top of the list for construction jobs.

Project STRIPE is the pre-apprenticeship program and offers students experience in the construction field.

The program is headed by the interim dean of technical education.

Also within Project STRIPE this allows you to network with the industry professionals.

The pre-apprenticeship instructor of Project STRIPE is Richard A. Stoker for building infrastructure and green technology.