CAEB plans upcoming Club Day


Thomas Santos and Thomas Santos

The Club and Events Board meeting on Tuesday was focused on planning the Club Day scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 30.

CAEB President Jeremy Diefenbacher opened up the meeting Tuesday excited and enthusiastic.

“Club Day is next week and I know everyone is eager,” Diefenbacher said. “The theme is anti-bullying so that everyone on campus can feel welcomed.”

Although Latinos Unidas Club president Jose Rubio was not present at this week’s meeting, everyone did agree that there should be more diversity.

To involve more students and have more student participation at the event, CAEB will be designing T-shirts that will promote an anti-bullying message.

Slogans will be voted on and CAEB will be hosting a number of workshops at the Center For Leadership and Development to produce the T-shirts. The door is open to volunteers.

Also at the CAEB meeting on Tuesday, dean of student services Manuel Perez was pushing the Board to stay connected with worldly events and to have an active student voice.

“I personally get motivated when I see students speaking with other students on a global scale,” Perez said.  “We should link our student education with the other things happening in the world.”

The new director of media relations Alex Suliman was also inducted into the board.

Suliman attained his position without dispute, and spoke to the board afterwards.

“I want to modernize social medias,” Suliman said. “ I want to create glossy-backs to promote events and I want to reach the students better.”

CAEB will also be promoting the second annual “ARC Thanksgiving Curb Side To-Go” in November.

Aramark will be preparing food and selling whole meals set for 8-10 servings.

“I am trying to do what I can to serve the community,” Diefenbacher said at the close of the meeting. “Other than that I’m excited and stoked that you all came. Thank you for being here.”