Student Senate discusses accreditation


Thomas Santos and Thomas Santos

The ASB Student Senate meeting on Thursday was dominated by discussion of the students role in the accreditation process.

The senate meeting included the swearing in of Shayana Mendes into the office of senator.

An excited board agreed today that there is much to take care of this semester, including student advocacy for the school accreditation program.

“Accreditation is a process we are going through right now,” said Ken Kubo, interim Dean of Biotechnology said. “It’s a way where we can take a look at ourselves and how we can improve as a school.”

School accreditation is faculty driven, and is a strict documentation of a school’s mission statement.

“Accreditation gives credit to our school and gives validity to what you have learned in school,” said professor Amanda Corcoran.

Dean of Student Services Manuel Perez announced that the applications for the student advisor position was closed Friday.

He had also announced that Hispanic, Chicano and Latino Cultural Month is around the corner, and the intention of this event “is for ASB to engage in student activity.”

To celebrate Latino Cultural Month, ASB will be showcasing Hispanic, Chicano and Latino culture and heritage by showing movies such as “Frieda,” “The Motorcycle Diaries,” and “Selena.”

“This is the first semester where we are trying new things,” Perez said. “We are trying to use the student center in new ways.  We’re testing the waters but it’s going well … Our goal is to help and support students.”

Senator Cameron Weaver was appointed director of public relations.

Former Student Senate President Kenneth Hinton, who now attends Sacramento State University, showed up at the meeting, and had some remarks about coverage he received in the Current last semester.

“The school newspaper after you leave here is kind of irrelevant,” he said. “It’s irrelevant to your person and your career.”

“Many of the faculty and staff after those articles came out were really disappointed in the Current,” he added.