ARC student grabbed and threatened with knife on nature trail near campus


Melissa Hurtado and Melissa Hurtado

A woman was grabbed and threatened with a knife while walking on the Arcade Creek Nature Trail near the American River College campus at approximately 10:30 a.m. today.

The suspect was riding a bicycle when he grabbed the victim’s arm, pulled out a knife from his pocket and told her not to say anything.  

The victim screamed and alerted a nearby witness who came to her aid. The two then went to the campus police station to report the incident.

The Los Rios District Police Department crime bulletin describes the man as being a dark-skinned black male, approximately 6-foot-2 and appearing to be in his late teens to early 20s.

The suspect was wearing a black head scarf, dark plaid shorts, a plain white T-shirt and athletic shoes of unknown color. He is also described as having “very white teeth.”

The suspect was riding a green and white mountain bike that appeared to be new.

The LRPD and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, who took control of the case, searched the area but were unable to find the suspect.

Exactly one month ago, on March 21, another woman, a former ARC student, was jogging along that same nature trail when a man, also on a mountain bike, attempted to sexually assault her.

The man punched the woman in the face several times, pushed her to the ground and tried to pull her pants down.

The woman was able to escape and report the incident to the LRDPD.

Both incidents occurred around the same time of day and the description of the suspect is similar.

Police are looking into the possibility it could be the same suspect.

The Current will update this story as more information becomes available.

Some safety tips included in the bulletin were:

*Stay alert to your surrounding and keep high value items out of sight.

*When possible, travel with another person. There is safety in numbers.

*If you must travel at night, walk and park in well-lit areas.

*Know where you are going. Walk quickly and confidently to your destination.

*Avoid carrying unnecessary items.

*Hold purses, briefcases and packages tightly and close to your body.

*Have you keys out and ready before approaching your car.

*Check both the front and rear seats of your vehicle before entering. lock the door immediately upon entering your vehicle.