American River College Students Protest ASB Candidates


Jeff Gonzales and Jeff Gonzales

Members of fierce and individuals in ASB voice opposition to stance made in 2008

The recent American River College Associated Student Body elections came with their fair share of controversy. Students from fierce, the campus’ LGBTQA club, along with a few members of ASB chose to take a vocal stance against two candidates running for office. The protests included individuals walking around campus with signs that read, “Vote no,” on the controversial candidates.

Los Rios District Student Trustee candidate Luke Otterstad and the newly elected ASB Director of Finance Jorge Riley came under fire during campaigning for a controversial stance they endorsed as part of the ASB in 2008.

“I didn’t want my constituents to be manipulated,” ASB Student Senate President Quierra Robey said for her reasons to protest the candidates. “We are supposed to be leaders. We are supposed to inform them.”

The 2008 ASB Student Senate made national news by endorsing the now infamous Proposition 8, banning same sex marriage in the state of California. As the only Student Senate to endorse Proposition 8, ARC was the subject of much public scrutiny.

Riley does not believe that his support of Proposition 8 should have been used against him during his campaign.

“They say stop the hate, but that is what they are doing,” Riley said to The Current.

The controversy prompted one ASB Senator to reign on April 18. Former Senator Paul Coram notified the board via an email that stated, “I regrettably believe that American River College Student Senate has taken to altercations of ‘free-speech’ and, in turn, began to fail to be the representation of  ‘all’ students of American River College. These altercations have caused division and have misconstrued the allocations of equality amongst our constituents.”