ASB Moves Forward Despite Losses


Thursday February 7,2013 – Student Senator Shauna Milesi was sworn in Thursday morning to the position of Director of Legislative Affairs. The Associate Student Body meets Thursday mornings in the Boardroom at 10:30am. In the Photo: President Quierra Robey, Vice President Omba Kipuke, Director of Finance Kindra Pring, Director of Communications Bridget Engler, Senate Whip Brett Spencer, Legislative Analyst Kenneth Hinton.

Mark Ahling and Mark Ahling

CAEB President resigns, The Hub has resources for students.

The past weeks have been a rough start for the American River College Associated Student Body board that will now have another vacant seat. However, the student government machine continued to churn even after the news of the resignation of Club and Events Board President Antonio Maldonado Vega.
The news was broadcast via email and Student Senate President Quierra Robey had this to say, “Antonio was a dreamer in more ways than one, and I know that his dreams can still be fulfilled in CAEB as long as the executives focus on the future and learn from past struggles. His energy was contagious, and he has made it very clear that he will still help, but his priorities are needed elsewhere right now.”
It was apparent that he was well liked among the other student senators and resigned due to personal reasons.
Some students noticed a popular resource on campus, The Spot, seemed to disappear. This was a topic of discussion over the past week among a few angry students. One such student who was in attendance, Shayana (Shy) Mendes, stood up to query the board of its whereabouts.
According to Vice President Omba Kipuke, The Hub, located in the new student center, contains most of the elements that The Spot had, but, “They needed to better monitor the use of resources for academic use,” said Kipuke. He also mentioned The Hub is now open to all students, especially for printing up to 5 pages, free of cost. Questions about The Hub can be directed to either VP Kipuke or Senator Whip Brett Spencer.
With his right hand raised, Senator Tyron Robinson was sworn in as the Director of Legislative Affairs, and Senator Shauna Milesi to the Director of Public Relations. Shayana Mendes was voted in as Representative, as well as Debby Dixon to Senator. All candidates received unanimous votes by the board to receive their new appointments.
Student representatives of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, a club which includes students in the field of design, were told there were no funds to support a trip to a local conference. The news of postponing came after a less-then-favorable Student Senate financial report by Director of Finance Kindra Pring. The news was not taken lightly by members of the board or the club, both argued for some resolution to the action.
Students are encouraged to attend ASB meetings on Thursday mornings at 10:30 in the student center boardroom.