Know Your Vote: Election 2012 results, Presidential and California propositions

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Presidential Election

President Barrack Obama won the election with 303 electoral votes against Gov. Mitt Romney’s 206.

Obama’s positions on the issues.

Job Creation

Reproductive Health

Student Loans

And the Current’s endorsement of Obama.

Proposition 30: Pass

The Temporary Taxes to Fund Education measure, also known as the Gov. Jerry Brown tax plan, passed 53.9 percent to 46.1 percent. The proposition will temporarily increase taxes on those with incomes exceeding $250,000, as well as a quarter-cent state sales tax increase. The revenue will be used to fund local governments and education initiatives.

Proposition 31: Fail

The State Budget and Governance Reform measure, which would have given Brown new unilateral power to cut state spending in case of fiscal emergencies, was struck down 60.8 percent 39.2 percent.

Proposition 32: Fail

The Union and Corporate political donations measure, which would have banned labor unions and corporations from making political donations to candidates for office illegal, was struck down 56.1 percent to 43.9 percent.

Proposition 33: Fail

The measure for auto insurance prices based on driver history of insurance coverage did not pass. There will be no change to the current auto insurance laws at this point. It was struck down 54.6 percent to 45.4 percent.

Proposition 34: Fail

The death penalty was not repealed, as voters did not pass Proposition 34. The current laws remain unchanged in regards to inmates on death row. The proposition was struck down 52.8 percent to 47.2 percent.

Proposition 35: Pass

The Human Trafficking proposition was approved 81.1percent to 18.9 percent. This proposition expands on the definition of human trafficking as well as increases fines penalties for individuals convicted of human trafficking in California.

Proposition 36: Pass

With Proposition 36 passing it now makes California’s three strikes law more lenient requiring the third strike to be a serious or violent felony. Third time offenders will receive twice the normal time if it is not serious or violent.

Proposition 36 passed with 68.6 percent of the vote to 31.4 percent.

Proposition 37: Fail

Proposition 37 would of required food to be clearly labeled if it had been produced entirely or in part through genetic engineering. Those foods could not be labeled as natural. Proposition 37 was struck down 53.1 percent to 46.9 percent.

Proposition 38: Fail

Proposition 38 would have increased taxes on earnings using sliding scale, for 12 years. Earnings would have gone to K-12 schools and early childhood programs. Now state personal income tax rates will remain at their current levels

Proposition 38 was struck down 72.3 percent to 27.7 percent.

Proposition 39: Pass

Proposition 39, would raise an estimated $1 billion annually by eliminating a corporate tax break the state Legislature created in 2009. The law passed 60.1percent to 39.9 percent requiring multistate business, except for certain cable TV operators, to pay taxes based solely on their state sales in California.

Proposition 40: Pass

Proposition 40 will allow voters to approve or reject the state Senate district maps produced last year by an independent citizens redistricting commission. It passed 71.4 percent to 28.6 percent, keeping the Senate district in place. There was confusion with this proposition, as the people who put it on the ballot are asking voters to vote “no” and proponents of Proposition 40 gave up their campaign asking voters to vote yes.