Review: Morgan Wallen’s “One Thing At A Time” seems to be a hit, but doesn’t compare to his last album “Dangerous”

The new album was released on March 3


Morgan Wallen released his new album “One Thing At A Time” on March 3. It features 36 songs. (Photo courtesy of Big Loud Records)

Morgan Wallen released his new album “One Thing At A Time” on March 3; it features 36 songs and many other country artists. There are many memorable songs on the album, but they don’t compare to the many popular songs featured on “Dangerous,” his 30-track album released in 2021.

Some of the collaborating artists include Eric Church, Hardy and Ernest.

Wallen surprised fans by announcing on Instagram in January that he would be releasing his new album.

Songs featured on the album are “Last Night,” “Everything I Love” and “Sunrise.”

My personal favorites of the album are “Ain’t That Some,” “I Wrote the Book,” “Outlook” and “98’ Braves.”

The song “98’ Braves” is a favorite because Wallen compares the outcome of his relationship to how talented the 1998 Atlanta Braves team was—even though they still came up short and lost the National League Championship. 

“Ain’t That Some” is an upbeat and fast paced song that is also very catchy—you might find yourself singing it all day long.

The one song that has gained a lot of attention and is also one of my favorites is “I Wrote The Book.” 

This song features Wallen highlighting that he is good at many things, but there are other things in life that he needs to work on, including reading the Bible.

At first, Wallen’s album seemed to lack the same excitement and energy as his last album, but once the songs are replayed and the lyrics are earned it has the same effect. 

The “Dangerous” album is more memorable than “One Thing At A Time” because it was his first big, breakout album.

The songs in this album seem to be songs fit for driving around on warm summer nights with friends or a good road trip album.

Each song has a different upbeat melody that makes you want to learn the lyrics so that you can sing along. The songs focus on relationships and heartbreak.

After being out for three weeks the song “Last Night” and his album remain in the top 10 of the iTunes charts among all genres.

As of March 8, “One Thing at A Time” was the most streamed album in Spotify history for a single week.

“Dangerous” seemed to leave a lasting impression on people as it came out in 2021 after  everyone had a rough year with COVID-19, including Wallen who was involved in a few controversies, including being caught on camera using a racial slur, partying without a mask during the COVID-19 lockdown and being arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Since taking the time to apologize to the public it sounds like Wallen has learned a lot.

Songs on the new album reflect on his life experiences and give people something to relate to.

However, this seems to be another step in the right direction for Wallen gaining popularity and leaving his mark on country music.

To celebrate the release of his new album, Wallen held a free concert for fans in Tennessee on March 3 with over 19,000 fans in attendance. 

Not to say that “One Thing At A Time” won’t be a success, but it seems that fans’ expectations will always be high because of the incomparable songs featured on the “Dangerous” album like “Sand In My Boots.”