Breaking News: Unauthorized flyers found on campus

An unauthorized flyer was found posted to the ticket booth at the far right side of the football stadium near Parking Lot S. At least two flyers were found on American River College’s campus on Nov. 1 2018. (Photo by Jennah Booth)

At least two flyers were found this morning on American River College’s campus, each one reading: “It’s okay to be white.”

One sign was taped to the gym doors and the other was posted on the ticket booth on the right side of the football stadium, near Parking Lot S.

ARC’s Public Information Officer Scott Crow addressed the unauthorized flyers in an email to the Current.

Staff are removing the signs as they are found and the Los Rios Police Department is looking into the incident as well.

Similar flyers have also been found off-campus.

ARC President Thomas Greene sent out an email just before 1 p.m. addressing the increase in hate speech and racist vandalism on Los Rios campuses as well as the unauthorized flyers.

An unautherized flyer was found posted on the gym door at American River College on Nov.1, 2018. At least one other flyer was found on campus the same morning. (Photo by Tracy Holmes)

“I wanted to let the ARC campus community know we are ramping up our efforts to quickly identify and address incidents of hateful graffiti,” Greene wrote in the email.

ARC is increasing its custodial checks in restrooms and other high-risk areas. If hateful graffiti is found, it will be removed by staff as quickly as possible and will also be reported to the LRPD, Greene wrote.

“We will communicate to the campus community if there is an incident of graffiti that involves a law enforcement investigation,” he wrote. “Hate has no home on our campus.”

Greene encouraged students to report hateful graffiti to the LRPD.

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Jennah Booth
Jennah Booth is a fourth semester student with the Current. This is her third semester serving as Editor-In-Chief. She has previously served as social media editor. Booth received her associate degree in journalism and mass communication the spring of 2018. She plans to transfer to California State University, Sacramento to work on her bachelor's degree.

3 Comments on "Breaking News: Unauthorized flyers found on campus"

  1. These signs were immediately taken down, while the “white people leave” signs are still up at UCD. Seems fair.

  2. Just wondering about the flyers. Were they taken down because they were not authorized by the ARC administration? Or because of the content of the message? Could someone tell me plainly?
    What exactly is “Hatefull Grafitti” in this instance? Content or delivery? The email from President Greene did not make that clear.

    • Hi, to our understanding the fliers were taken down because they were unauthorized by the school. All fliers must be approved by administration before they are posted. In his email, President Thomas Greene was referring to the multiple incidents of hateful graffiti found at Sacramento City College in early October. Greene only referred to the fliers as “concerning” in the email and said they were removed as quickly as possible.

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