What ARC’s library has to offer


Math major Celine Castonguay browses the American River College library in-between classes and softball practice. The campus library offers services to students like research assistance for essays, and offers study rooms that they can use during library hours. (Photo illustration by Ashley Hayes-Stone)

Makenna Roy

There are many places on the American River College campus for students to study and the most commonly known one is the library. There’s a reason for that: the ARC library isn’t a place where students are required to be silent, it’s a place for students to feel comfortable doing coursework and asking for help when they need it.

Full-time librarian Hilary Mroczka gave insight into what the ARC librarians do daily to help promote student success.

“When we’re working at the research help desk, which is where you’ll find a librarian, students come up for all kinds of help whether it’s [internet technology or research help],” Mroczka says. “[Librarians] will work with students in finding good keywords, because that can be the hardest part about research.”

At ARC the librarians are here to help make the lives of students easier when it comes to asking for assistance and research, or just general information on the library.

“I know it can be difficult for students to come up to the desk [and] work with people that they don’t know and to say ‘I need help,’” Mroczka says. “That’s a really difficult thing for anyone to say but, [we] want to help and we’re here for students and to help them with their research.”

Sydney Woolfolk, sociology major, shared why she chooses to use the library.

“The library has a welcoming [environment] because [the] staff at the front desk [are] happy to answer any questions,” Woolfolk says. “[Because of the environment] I can really focus and get a lot of assignments out of the way.”

In addition to the library staff and librarians helping students with research, there are other features in the library that students can access independently.

On the main floor of the library there are several rows of open computers that students can access by using their student ID number and password. Students are free to use the library computers to do course-related work and study.

If students need a place to sit there is general seating at tables and in chairs on most floors of the library. There are also 19 group study rooms available, on the first, second and third floors of the library for students to use if a more secluded space is required for studying or project meetings.

“It [has] many options in regards to comfort, I like how I can sit inside or outside, or at a desk or lounge chair,” Woolfolk says.

On the main floor of the library there are photocopying and printing capabilities available for students to use. A student ID card is required for a student to use the printer and before one can make copies a copy card must be purchased.

The library is a space where students can do homework individually or in groups while having a community of librarians and staff around to help answer questions and fix problems when they arise.  

Visit http://www.arc.losrios.edu/arclibrary.htm for more information and research guides.