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What ARC’s library has to offer

Math major Celine Castonguay browses the American River College library in-between classes and softball practice. The campus library offers services to students like research assistance for essays, and offers study rooms that they can use during library hours. (Photo illustration by Ashley Hayes-Stone)

Makenna Roy

February 26, 2019

There are many places on the American River College campus for students to study and the most commonly known one is the library. There’s a reason for that: the ARC library isn't a place where students are required to be silent, it's a place for students to feel comfortable doing coursework and asking for...

Breaking News: Man allegedly threatens to assault two female students in library

Los Rios Police Department patrol car. (Photo by John Ennis)

Luis Gael

September 28, 2017

According to an email sent out by the Los Rios Police Department, officers were dispatched to the ARC library after receiving reports that a suspicious subject allegedly made threatening statements to two female students in a third floor study room at 6:40 p.m. today. No physical contact was made...

ARC prepares to welcome old and new students alike

A student greets incoming students during

Hannah Yates

September 7, 2017

American River College will host “Welcome Day,” for new and returning students today in the Student Center Quad. Any students who have been wanting to familiarize themselves with the campus are urged to participate. The purpose of “Welcome Day,” is to give students the chance to see all of what...

Opinion: Students need to share the space

Students using the computers in the first floor of the library.

Lidiya Grib

October 13, 2016

The ARC library is the main place to study on campus, but it can oftentimes be extremely packed and busy during the times there are the most students are on campus. As college students, we all need a quiet place to study, and take a break in between classes. The library is clearly the best place to do ...

Students dive into new places to study

ARC student Destiny Perkins studies for her classes at the beginning of the semester. Many students have found new places to study away from the overcrowded Student Center and library. 
(Photo by Justina Sharp)

Matthew Peirson, Justina Sharp, and Sharriyona Platt

January 25, 2016

By Matthew Peirson, Justina Sharp and Sharriyona Platt College isn’t just classes - sometimes students need a quiet corner to study, prompting some to branch out to other areas of the campus, beyond the Student Center and library, to find a peaceful place. One student, Luis Tapia, said he prefer...

Update: Broken elevator in the library repaired

An 'out of order' sign outside of third floor of the ARC school library warns students and staff of the broken elevator. The repairs were completed on Monday.
(Photo by Tracy Mapes)

Tracy Mapes

January 24, 2016

Update Jan. 28, 12:30 p.m. The American River campus library elevator was repaired and returned to service Wednesday. “It’s a relief to be be back in the 21st Century,” said ARC student Andrew Flores. “I don’t know when they invented elevators, but I’m glad that they did.” Nazanin Kaz...

Pigeon poop finds home in ARC library

A bird sits on the west end of the bottom floor of the American River College library atrium on Nov. 17, 2015. Birds have been entering the atrium through holes in the netting, according to librarian David McCusker. (Photo by John Ferrannini)

John Ferrannini

November 19, 2015

The American River College library is battling a wicked, winged foe this semester — pigeons who have made a home in the atrium, flying in through a hole in the netting designed to keep them out. According to ARC librarian David McCusker, one student even said that the library is a “great place t...

Opinion: Free printing would be more valuable to student success than free condoms

Printing on campus is not a free commodity and costs 10 cents per page to use. However, condoms can be picked up for free at the health center on the American River College campus. (Photo by Noor Abasi)

Noor Abasi

October 21, 2015

The American River College library chargers 10 cents to print per piece of paper, however, the health center is handing out three free condoms a day and some of the condoms even come with lube attached. ARC students can get free condoms from many clinics and hospitals, outside of ARC, but everywher...

Journalism reserves stolen from library

Tracy Johnson-Novak and Tracy Johnson-Novak

February 27, 2013

Professors provide replacement books for stolen library reserve copies. Within the first two weeks of this spring semester, at least two books went missing from the circulation desk, leaving many students without the option of reading their class textbook on reserve. “I’ve been putting book on ...

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