Five ways to prepare for finals

Studying and bouncing off ideas with peers can help with finals


Finals are right around the corner at American River College, these are five tactics to remember when you start studying. (Photo via Freepik)

Maya Barber, Staff Writer

Studying for finals can be daunting. Here are five ways to help the process go smoothly and lead you to success this semester. 


  1. Study in a quiet place

There are many places to study that are quiet to help stimulate your brain. Local coffee shops are normally quiet and provide free WiFi. Libraries are also quiet, provide WiFi and have other resources like computers and printers if needed. Studying outside in nature, with the fresh breeze, or finding a quiet place at home like an office or bedroom will work too. All of these places will help you prepare for studying. 


     2. Study with classmates

Sometimes studying by yourself is not enough. Studying with peers and classmates who are focusing on the same or similar subject can help you learn more. This will allow you to ask questions, get ideas and learn more. Although classes are virtual there are many ways to reach out to classmates; message them through Zoom meetings, reach out via Canvas, or social media.


    3. Attend office hours

All teachers are required to have office hours to answer questions and give students extra help. Participating in office hours will allow you to get answers from professors to help prepare. They also could provide you with extra support or other ways on how to tackle a final. 


    4. Be organized

Organization can help you stay on track between each subject. For example, making flashcards for each subject will help you remember visually and stay organized, writing all your final subjects and times down to prevent forgetting anything and having different folders or notebooks where you write notes. All of these tactics will help you stay on track and prepare to the best of your ability. 


  5. Do not stress yourself out

Finals week can be stressful, however, being overstressed can make you lose track of what you are studying for. Being stressed can also cause other side effects that could affect your test-taking skills. Getting enough sleep, drinking fluids and being mindful of your body are all things to keep in mind and will help you stay on track.