Articles by Sam Urrea

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Men’s soccer booted from playoffs

The American River College men’s soccer team ended its season with a high-scoring 5-3 loss to Foothill Community College in the state championship’s second-round playoff…

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Superstitions are just a part of the game

Michael Jordan, arguably one of the most famous athletes of all time, was an extremely superstitious person. According to ABC News, Jordan wore his University…

Photo of the Day, Pt. 2

Floral design major student Emily Olmsted works on one of her projects in the main campus’ student center.

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Students react to Obamacare

Obamacare has been a big topic of debate among Americans since President Barack Obama signed the act on March 23, 2010. The case is no…

Athlete friendships boost team spirit

Team spirit is an influential asset to any sports team. Those last minute goals, eye-catching touchdowns or powerful spikes could not be done without the…

Health center availability atrophies

Since the American River College’s permanent nurse resigned in March of this year, students and staff have started to feel the effects of not having…

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ARC athletes sport jobs

Dealing with academics at the same time as playing a sport can drain the energy out of some students, leaving them mentally and physically exhausted….