Winter break plans differ for American River College students and staff

Bila Kintaudi, 22, juggles with a soccer ball on campus. Kintaudi plays his favorite sport during winter break. (Photo by Sam Urrea)

December break is a time for students to sleep late, catch up with friends and forget about the stress of school, but this is not the case for everyone. At American River College, students and professors remain active but in varied ways.

Winter break consists of one month that splits the end of the fall semester and spring.  After the work of a long semester is finally over, the layoff gives students a chance to relax.

Four weeks may seem short to a lot of students on campus, but many use it to their advantage to enjoy themselves as much as possible.

Student Lily Oslonko, a nursing major, said she and her family travel frequently because of her displeasure of staying home.

“During my summer breaks our family always takes trips,” Oslonko said. “It’s no different during winter, except we just go somewhere with snow like Tahoe and elsewhere.”

Other pupils at school are dissimilar from Oslonko and prefer to stay home and keep high fitness levels.

Bila Kintaudi, a business administration major, is concerned about staying healthy during other people’s perception of a time of rest.

Kintaudi’s favorite hobby is soccer, an activity he chooses to use to maintain in shape in addition to playing.

“ I get up every morning a run and go work out when I know I could be sleeping, “ said Kindtaudi. “ I also play a lot of soccer games, lots of pick up games.”

Despite the majority of students’ choice to take a break from school, experts now say it is the perfect time to apply for internships or jobs for the following spring.

According to, the job market is extremely competitive for college graduates; therefore, establishing a contact with companies early is key to attaining a job after graduation.

Career expert Kathy Caprino couldn’t agree more. “The sooner the better for students but I understand It’s stressful for students to think about this during break,” said Caprino.

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