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Dealing with academics at the same time as playing a sport can drain the energy out of some students, leaving them mentally and physically exhausted. Nevertheless, there are others who find the time and determination to attend school, play a sport and also hold one or more jobs.

College gives students the opportunity to have a more flexible schedule in contrast to high school, where a tighter regime is enforced. As a result, kids often decide whether they want to play a sport or be employed in a particular job in accordance with their academic schedule.

Freshman Jason Movaghar made the decision to play soccer.  He chose to focus on his studies and sport, rather than stress himself out with the responsibilities of work as well.

“We travel with the team a lot,” Movaghar said. “Every day after practice I am really tired and couldn’t think of having to go to a job for eight hours.”

Having previously held a job in high school, he believed focusing on his academics and soccer would get him to his preferred future college faster.

“I want to do well and transfer sooner rather than later,” Movaghar said. “The more I focus the quicker that will come.”

Women’s soccer team defender, sophomore Krista Ozimy, works at a tanning salon most days of the week in addition to her academic duties, but bemoans the lack of time in between her numerous tasks.

“Working and playing a sport is hard,” Ozimy said. “Some days I have a morning class, go straight to work, then straight to soccer and other days it’s vice versa. I don’t have any time for anything in between.”

Enrolled in 15 units and committed to a daily soccer practice, Ozimy is nonetheless happy she is employed at a place where she enjoys being.

“I love interacting with customers and selling our products,” Ozimy said. “We are short-staffed and work more hours than I would like but the people are awesome.”

If Krista Ozimy believed she had it tough, American River College women’s volleyball sophomore, Jessica Condit, can claim to have it tougher than most students.

Condit, 19, is a full time student at ARC. She plays volleyball as a setter, works at Chipotle and is a clerk at Samsonite in the Folsom outlets.

“Honestly, sometimes it’s really hard and it kills me,” Condit said.  “But I feel really accomplished.”

Condit believes despite the huge burden on her shoulders she enjoys living that type of life.

“I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Condit said. “I appreciate everything in my life too much, but I would not recommend it to anyone else. This is just the way I want to live.”

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