Public bathrooms and the personal hygiene nightmare

A look at the ARC student bathrooms

By Sam Urrea and Cintia Lopez

Running late to class, you look to use a campus restroom in attempt to avoid having to get up during instruction time. Unfortunately, one restroom has a long line, another is dirty, and the others are too far away. These are some of the difficulties American River College students face when looking for a lavatory.

Restrooms across campus have their perks and their faults. Some could be relatively clean, but have a long line or be far from a student’s next class, while other restrooms could be too dirty or foul for a student to want to use unless it is a last resort.

John Sockolov, 19, prefers to use the restroom on the third floor of the library. The restroom’s appearance and vacancy are qualities he uses to his advantage.

“I always go in there,” Sockolov said. “It is a really nice bathroom, it’s clean and no one ever goes up there.”

Women on campus tend to find a lack of clean restrooms throughout the most heavily treaded areas. “I swear girls’ bathrooms are the dirtiest things ever,” said Britta Johnson, a social science major.

Then there are lines that women have to deal with, and tend to encounter the most. Johnson said that the restrooms that have fewer lines are those that students usually don’t know about. “The ones that are around the classrooms are the ones that have lines.”

Among restrooms all throughout campus, the ones in the science building and Raef Hall tend to be the worst when it comes to smell. Just opening the door can make a person want to turn around and be as far from the location as possible. Aside from the repulsive odor, those restrooms do tend to be rather clean.

As for cleanest restrooms, the student center, library and the south health and education building by the new parking structure seem to be the best bets.

Maintenance custodian manager Preston Harris condemned students who lacked the maturity to use restrooms correctly or who use them for other purposes.

“There are some students out there who do not respect the cleanliness and the work we put into the restrooms,” said Harris. “We often find things like feces all over the ground. It is truly disgusting.”

“We spend a lot of time working on sanitary aspects overall,” said Harris. “I’d like for students to report any activities of vandalism or any other to the maintenance office.”