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Workshop series teaches stress management techniques

ARC counselor Janice Klar will host a personality workshop in DSPS on March 22. (File Photo)

American River College is offering a series of workshops to help students understand stress, the effect stress can have on individuals and how to manage stress with different techniques.  

Janice Klar, an ARC counselor, will go over the material from a program created by John Kabat- Zinns called “Managing Stress And Finding Balance With Mindfulness.”

Zinns’ program was designed to help people learn effective tools for helping reduce stressors in everyday life.

This series is offered each week, open to all ARC students in the DSPS conference room from 3 to 4:30 p.m.

During a previous installment of the workshop, Klar started by discussing how recognizing when your mind gets to the stages of “fight, flight or freeze,” can help a person return to a healthy mindset and think more clearly.

“I have two passions in life: one is to help people find their purpose in life. That’s why I’m a career counselor here at ARC. And the other is helping people find that balance in life, creating a happy lifestyle compared to a life filled with stress,” said Klar.

“Living a life of great health changes people’s lives. Learning to be aware of your presents in time and to view things in a non-judgmental way is an important process that will be taught during this series,” Klar said to ARC students attending.

At a previous workshop, Klar explained how mindfulness is a conscious, moment-to-moment awareness.

Klar explained how seeing and being more clear minded, and being more intentionally aware of your thoughts in the present time without judgement, is a key to managing stress and increasing mindfulness.

Meara Little, an ARC student studying photography, said she goes to therapy. “Learning how to be a polychronic made me so angry at first. I stressed about everything. Now that I see things in polychronic views; I’ll get there when I get there, I’ll finish when I finish, has really helped me see things in more positive way.”

Handouts were given to students and Klar explained in detail the different evidence concerning the effectiveness of meditation, and how it strengthens the brain, helping individuals cope with stress in more efficient ways.

“This workshop will help students counteract the effects of stress by bringing great health and wellbeing into your life,” said Klar.

Klar discussed how learning how to relax your mind and step back from all the stressors that arise throughout the day is something many people have difficulty finding time for.

“Finding way to take time for yourself in very important,” said Klar.

Some people may choose to escape stress using different tools provided throughout society. ARC students expressed multiple outlets for relaxation.

Kenny Kenworthy, an ARC art new media student, shared some of his methods for stress relief.

“I like to go for long walks and use cannabis to relieve the stresses I have in life,” said Kenworthy.

The next workshop is on April 20, and ARC students can visit or call the career center to get information or register for the workshop, or visit Janice Klar in the counseling office.

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