Take This Class: Belly Dancing 301


Professor Alkhayyat teaches her students during one of her Dance 301 classes.

Breana Herndon and Breana Herndon

Students who enjoy dancing, learning about cultural movements, and gaining the ability to choreograph dance routines should take Dance 301: Belly Dancing.

Students in the class have the opportunity to learn about musical instruments, rhythms, costumes, and choreography as a part of the course.

The course is taught by dance professor Hanadi Alkhayyat, who says belly dancing can be a new experience for students.

“With belly dancing, you move areas you never think about like shoulders, wrist and even fingers. It is art in every part,” said Alkhayyat.

For their midterm and final, students of the class are asked to create their own choreography as a way to show their progress in mastering the art of belly dancing.

“I took this class to get experience with belly dancing,” said Veronica Rodriguez, a dance major and student in the class. “I’ve always wanted to take a class like this because it is not your everyday hip-hop or ballet,” said Rodriguez.

According to the class description, the course is intended to introduce students to the basic movements, cultural values, and history of belly dancing.

“When I come here, I feel free. I always wanted to take a belly dancing class, but it is so expensive so when I heard that it was offered here, I decided to take it,” said Vanessa Esparza, a nursing major taking the course.

Professor Alkhayyat is very patient with students, since dance may not come easily to all of her students. Alkhayyat takes her time teaching the students and allows them to enjoy the movement and get used to the music.

“The teacher is the best and this course is very easy for me because dancing is a part of me,” said Dance 301 student Hossein Assem.

Alkhayyat wants the students to have fun in the course.

“I want students to learn about the many styles of movement and how fun it actually is,” said Alkhayyat.

The course is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 10:20 a.m. in room PE 235.




“I really look forward to coming to this class every Tuesday and Thursday. The teacher takes her time with us all to make sure we have a good understanding of the choreography,” said Nursing major Vanessa Esparza, 29






“Professor Alkhayyat is a very nice teacher. She is also very patient with all of us and takes her time when teaching the choreography,” said dance major Veronica Rodriguez, 19