Professors need to be prepared for every class they teach

Morning classes aren’t an excuse to be unprepared


Professors need to be prepared for every class they teach, regardless of what time of day the class is. (Photo Illustration by Heather Amberson)

Professors should be prepared for every class that they teach, regardless if it is a morning, afternoon or night class. 

For example, if professors are going to teach morning classes, they should be just as prepared for those classes as they are for afternoon ones. Students shouldn’t be subjected to a poor classroom experience and learning environment because they are taking a morning class. 

Morning classes can be a struggle for many students and staff, but that doesn’t give professors an excuse to be unprepared. 

I have taken classes where professors are not prepared, and they say that they are more awake and ready to go in the afternoon. 

Students who take morning classes shouldn’t be at a disadvantage, have to go watch another recording or join another class at a different time because the professor was unprepared the first time. 

I know that working from home and doing classes over Zoom isn’t always easy, but professors should still come to class, whatever time it is, ready to go and have a plan for what is going to happen in class that day. 

Students should be ready to interact during the class, but professors shouldn’t rely solely on student questions to be the only action they have planned for a class session. 

Students have an obligation to be awake and ready to go in the morning if they want to do well in their classes. Professors need to have that same responsibility. 

I’ve heard professors say, “I’m more awake in the afternoon,” or if they are recording a class session, they say how much more prepared and how much clearer they think in the afternoon. 

I get that it can be tough to wake up in the morning and be up and thinking clearly, I struggle with that myself, but when you are a professor teaching a class people are paying for, you need to be prepared and ready to go whatever the class time is. 

Students shouldn’t have to come to a required class in the morning and then also go back and watch the same professor teach a later class to get the best information.. 

If professors come to every class prepared, then everyone is getting the best experience possible, and everyone has the best chances to succeed. 

Students would have all the information they need to succeed, and that will make the professors look better, because students are doing better in the class.