LRCCD must make changes and fully implement the DUO App

There are issues that affect student learning ability and it does not include protection for eServices


The Los Rios Community College District added the DUO App as a form of two-factor authentication for Canvas in the spring semester of 2022. Changes need to be made if they plan to keep this in place. (Photo Illustration by Sam Berg)

During the fall 2021 semester, the Los Rios Community College District added the DUO App as a way to include two-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of protection for a user when logging into Canvas. 

While the idea of adding extra protection is a good thing, the execution and functionality are not where they should be. Issues such as adding the two-factor authentication to the eServices login, making logging in easier when switching devices and making it easier to switch accounts to new devices are problematic and need to be addressed. 

The concept of having a two-factor authentication method to protect the important information of staff and students is good, but the execution of it is not. 

When logging on to Canvas, two-factor authentication is required. But when logging in to eServices, the extra step of protection is not there. 

The most important information is stored in eServices, so why is that not also being protected by the DUO App? 

If the LRCCD plans to keep the DUO App it needs to add the protection to the eServices login as well. There needs to be protection for the important information of students and staff. 

Users have voiced their frustration with the DUO App: the app has a two-star rating, out of five possible stars, on the Apple App Store, and a 2.7-star rating out of five on the Google Play store. 

Many of the reviews for the DUO App feature users describing their many issues with the app, including getting locked out of their accounts and people not being able to log in to DUO on a new phone.

When getting a new device, the DUO App disables the user’s account which makes the process of logging in to Canvas much harder than it needs to be. 

When the account is disabled, the user cannot get a code sent to their phone to easily connect to Canvas. The app becomes useless because there is nothing that can be done from the app.

When trying to switch an account over to a new device, the process is difficult. 

When using the app on a new device or in general, users are not able to access their classes to complete assignments with the difficulties of not being able to log in.

When trying to add a new device from the menu on Canvas, it says that it needs to verify that it is the user, which brings the same menu that pops up originally. This makes things harder to switch devices and adds extra frustration for students and staff that is not needed. 

When trying to reconnect on the app, it says to contact the IT help desk for a QR code or activation code. When going to the IT website, a phone number is not listed, so users cannot get any help.

All of these issues need to be addressed by the LRCCD if they plan to keep the DUO App. It is an added layer of protection, but it needs to be fully implemented to do what it is supposed to. Students cannot do their work if there is an issue that will not be fixed through the app.