ARC should host more events on campus to connect students

After more than two years on Zoom, students need help transitioning to a hybrid schedule


Students and faculty have been on Zoom for over two years, and there are things that can be done to jumpstart a return to campus in the fall semester of 2022. Hosting events and making more classes hybrid would help to make a successful return to campus. (Photo by Jahson Nahal)

With the restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic starting to loosen and be lifted, colleges are starting to make a return to campuses. But with many classes still being fully online, there are things that schools can do to make students feel like they are actually a part of the campus community. 

American River College should host more events on campus and allow students and faculty to explore and learn about the campus they are finally returning to or seeing for the first time. 

There can be days where students of certain majors can go on campus and meet each other set up by the HomeBase for their major. Have a limited number of events on campus and more classes in a hybrid format to ease the return to campus. 

Hosting trips to campus would provide students with a new way to learn. Being on campus or in a classroom is a different experience from being in the Zoom environment that ARC students are now used to.

Students would be able to communicate in person with their classmates or with people of the same major instead of doing it through their computers. This is more effective because students could have face-to-face conversations with one another rather than waiting for messages on Canvas.

For some students, they haven’t had the chance to experience what in-person college learning is. With the campus opening up, ARC should be doing its hardest to promote the different clubs and activities happening on and around the campus.

Students would be able to meet new people of similar interests. That is the building block for encouraging students to return to school post-pandemic.

Having on-campus events would promote an easier transition for new students coming into an unknown environment. Moreover, it would help establish a comfortable and safe community for continuing students. 

Students deserve the opportunity to experience the ARC campus to the fullest and it starts with the administration allowing for in-person events to happen.

Making more classes in a hybrid format will allow students and faculty to slowly return to campus without feeling overwhelmed by just completely returning the class to campus fully. 

Doing this will allow students who have never experienced what it is like to be on campus to ease into campus life. It will also allow other students and faculty to re-adjust to being back on a college campus. 

These are all good things that can be done by ARC and the Los Rios Community College District to make a return to campus and allow students to feel like they are real members of a college community.