A historic pandemic like COVID-19 is leading the world into a new era

Is COVID-19 pushing us into an era of minimalism?


Certain events in history have shifted the American people into new ways of living. The effects of COVID-19 are pushing Americans and other parts of the world to make drastic lifestyle changes that may be in place for decades to come. (Photo courtesy of Engin Akyurt)

There have been a lot of changes since COVID-19 shut down America. The National Basketball Association has canceled the league’s season. Local bars across California are no longer serving the public, even grocery stores are closing earlier than usual. The spread of COVID-19 has created a life of minimalism for all of America in less than a month. 

While the country’s healthcare providers are fighting COVID-19 the best they can, there are many Americans who are quarantined in their homes, whose non-essential jobs are cancelled, and whose children’s schools have shut down. There are many changes being made to all businesses across the country and this may be a new way of living for Americans moving forward. 

The life of minimalism is upon us. Various measures have been taken to combat this virus. While shopping in Walmart, there were clear plastic barriers implemented at the cash registers to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

The question is, will things ever be how they once were? With all the new implementations on a daily basis, the answer to that question is no. When there are lives at stake, policies must change. 

September 11, 2001, one of the most life changing tragedies in our lifetime, changed the way all airlines operated and COVID-19 may be just the same. There will be a lot of adapting to do and a lot of things to consider moving forward. 

How do everyday Americans who work non-essential jobs generate income? Across the scale, there is some adapting needed to be done for more Americans to survive these changes. It is imperative that our nation’s leaders find a solution to this pandemic soon, because everyone’s world is on hold.  

There will need to be a digital version of communication that can render students the same education promised inside of the classroom. Remote meetings will be the norm for businesses and non urgent medical appointments. 

This pandemic of COVID-19 has shifted everyone’s priorities and hopefully it positively impacts society for the better once we get through all that COVID-19 has caused. 

Maybe America’s social distancing can bring more of a focus on self improvement and more innovative ways to create commerce and be closer to one another than ever before. COVID-19 has made America more intentional about the safety and survival of our country.