Los Rios Police Department neglecting daily parking meters


A parking meter on the fourth floor of the parking garage at American River College displays an “out of service” sign during the spring semester. (Photo by Emily Mello)

Marquala Brown

Every semester students arrive at the American River Parking lot without a semester parking sticker. Many of them expect to purchase a $2 daily parking sticker, only to walk up to a flashing red light machine with the words “PLEASE PAY AT ANOTHER PAY STATION TEMPORARILY OUT OF SERVICE.”

On the first day of spring semester, the meter on the second and fourth floor of the parking garage was out of service. Many students, including myself, had to find another daily parking meter either on the first floor or the third floor because of this inconvenience causing the line at other meters to be long.

They expect students to purchase a daily parking meter from a working machine, yet they do not provide working machines to the students. If they expect students to purchase parking daily parking meters they should fix the machines instead of letting them go days or weeks without being fixed. 

Now, it’s the third week of school and the same parking meter has not been fixed. The Los Rios Police Department is responsible for the daily parking permits. The message on their website is “Report broken or malfunctioning machines to Los Rios Police Department. 

It’s already a hassle to get into the parking lot and find a parking spot. Following the rules and getting a daily parking ticket without being late to class because you have to search for a working meter should not be a hassle. “Temporarily out of service” seems to be permanently out of service with the daily parking machines.