Most hated Facebook habits: version 2.0

Social gamers, Instagram-ers and other annoying Facebook behaviors

I previously wrote a list of the Facebook habits I hated most back in 2011.  Since then, Facebook has added new features and forged new partnerships, unfortunately resulting in more annoyances.  These are five more Facebook habits that I hate.

The Dreamer – “I had the craziest dream!  I was in space, being forced to read ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ by George W. Bush!”  That would be the great, if it were real.  The only person who wants to hear your dreams is your psychology teacher.  So keep that craziness between your ears, Dreamer.

The Social Gamer – It’s bad enough that you waste time on these half-baked browser games that makes “Angry Birds” look like “Uncharted,” but do you really need to invite me once a day to play “Farmville 2?”  If I didn’t accept the first time, take it as a hint that I don’t want to virtual farm or be your virtual neighbor.

The Meme Lover – I like the troll face as much as the next guy, but I don’t need my entire news feed littered with your time-wasting shenanigans at  I know they are making funny faces.  Let’s calm down.

The Negative Nancy – “What’s with all the Giants posts?”  Facebook is a place to share your thoughts.  I mean, it says “what’s on your mind?” in the status box.  So when people get excited about a major event happening, such as your favorite team winning a big game or a presidential debate, people are obviously thinking about it at the time.  This is where the Negative Nancy inevitably rears their ugly head.  They will inject a snarky comment just to ruin everyone else’s enthusiasm.  I’m sorry you aren’t engaged in current events, Nancy, but leave us enlightened people out of your ignorance.

The Professional Instagram-er – Give someone a few filters, and they think they’re artists all of a sudden.  I don’t need to see your interpretation of a plastic bag in the park, because the only thing I need to interpret is what to do with my crazy friend who chases around plastic bags in the park with their smartphone just to add a warm filter and call it “art.”

 Bonus: The Facebook Stock Investor – Hello, you two.  Maybe you can invest in time travel?

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